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We modify a classical construction of Bousfield and Kan to define the Adams tower of a simplicial nonunital commutative algebra over a field k. We relate this construction to Radulescu-Banu's cosimplicial resolution, and prove that all connected simplicial algebras are complete with respect to Andr\'e-Quillen homology. This is a convergence result for the unstable Adams spectral sequence for commutative algebras over k. Read More

We present data for relativistic hot electron production by the Texas Petawatt Laser irradiating solid Au targets with thickness between 1 and 4 mm. The experiment was performed at the short focus target chamber TC1 in July 2011, with laser energies around 50 J. We measured hot electron spectra out to 50 MeV which show a narrow peak around 10 - 20 MeV plus high energy exponential tail. Read More