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General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology (2)
Nonlinear Sciences - Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems (1)
Mathematics - Differential Geometry (1)
High Energy Physics - Theory (1)
Physics - Plasma Physics (1)
Mathematics - Complex Variables (1)

Publications Authored By Michael Cole

We describe the construction of a geometric invariant characterising initial data for the Kerr-Newman spacetime. This geometric invariant vanishes if and only if the initial data set corresponds to exact Kerr-Newman initial data, and so characterises this type of data. We first illustrate the characterisation of the Kerr-Newman spacetime in terms of Killing spinors. Read More

We investigate the implications of the existence of Killing spinors in a spacetime. In particular, we show that in vacuum and electrovacuum a Killing spinor, along with some assumptions on the associated Killing vector in an asymptotic region, guarantees that the spacetime is locally isometric to the Kerr or Kerr-Newman solutions. We show that the characterisation of these spacetimes in terms of Killing spinors is an alternative expression of characterisation results of Mars (Kerr) and Wong (Kerr-Newman) involving restrictions on the Weyl curvature and matter content. Read More

It is shown that a considerable improvement in the global gyrokinetic electromagnetic simulations can be achieved by a slight modification of the simulation scheme. The new scheme is verified, simulating a Toroidal Alfv\'en Eigenmode in tokamak geometry at low perpendicular mode numbers, the so-called "MHD limit". Also, an electromagnetic drift mode has been successfully simulated in a stellarator. Read More

We demonstrate how the complex integral formula for the Airy functions arises from Penrose's twistor contour integral formula. We then use the Lax formulation of the isomonodromy problem with one irregular singularity of order four to show that the Airy equation arises from the anti-self-duality equations for conformal structures of neutral signature invariant under the isometric action of the Bianchi II group. This conformal structure admits a null-K\"ahler metric in its conformal class which we construct explicitly. Read More