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Physics - Fluid Dynamics (3)
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Dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) provides a practical means of extracting insightful dynamical information from fluids datasets. Like any data processing technique, DMD's usefulness is limited by its ability to extract real and accurate dynamical features from noise-corrupted data. Here we show analytically that DMD is biased to sensor noise, and quantify how this bias depends on the size and noise level of the data. Read More

The Dynamic Mode Decomposition (DMD)---a popular method for performing data-driven Koopman spectral analysis---has gained increased adoption as a technique for extracting dynamically meaningful spatio-temporal descriptions of fluid flows from snapshot measurements. Often times, DMD descriptions can be used for predictive purposes as well, which enables informed decision-making based on DMD model-forecasts. Despite its widespread use and utility, DMD regularly fails to yield accurate dynamical descriptions when the measured snapshot data are imprecise due to, e. Read More

We formulate a low-storage method for performing dynamic mode decomposition that can be updated inexpensively as new data become available; this formulation allows dynamical information to be extracted from large datasets and data streams. We present two algorithms: the first is mathematically equivalent to a standard "batch-processed" formulation; the second introduces a compression step that maintains computational efficiency, while enhancing the ability to isolate pertinent dynamical information from noisy measurements. Both algorithms reliably capture dominant fluid dynamic behaviors, as demonstrated on cylinder wake data collected from both direct numerical simulations and particle image velocimetry experiments Read More