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This article classifies Knutsen K3 surfaces all of whose hyperplane sections are irreducible and reduced. As an application, this gives infinite families of K3 surfaces of Picard number two whose general hyperplane sections are Brill-Noether general curves. Read More

This article shows that on a generic principally polarized abelian variety of dimension five the $\mathbb{Q}$-vector space of algebraic equivalences among the 27 Abel-Prym curves has dimension 20. Read More

This article settles the question of existence of smooth weak Fano threefolds of Picard number two with small anti-canonical map and previously classified numerical invariants obtained by blowing up certain curves on smooth Fano threefolds of Picard number 1 with the exception of 12 numerical cases. Read More

It was conjectured in \cite{Namikawa_ExtendedTorelli} that the Torelli map $M_g\to A_g$ associating to a curve its jacobian extends to a regular map from the Deligne-Mumford moduli space of stable curves $\bar{M}_g$ to the (normalization of the) Igusa blowup $\bar{A}_g^{\rm cent}$. A counterexample in genus $g=9$ was found in \cite{AlexeevBrunyate}. Here, we prove that the extended map is regular for all $g\le8$, thus completely solving the problem in every genus. Read More

We study a family of semiample divisors on the moduli space $\bar{M}_{0,n}$ that come from the theory of conformal blocks for the Lie algebra $sl_n$ and level 1. The divisors we study are invariant under the action of $S_n$ on $\bar{M}_{0,n}$. We compute their classes and prove that they generate extremal rays in the cone of symmetric nef divisors on $\bar{M}_{0,n}$. Read More

This article proposes a generalization of tautological rings introduced by Beauville and Moonen for Jacobians. The main result is that, under certain hypotheses, the special subvarieties of Prym varieties are algebraically equivalent and their classes belong to the tautological ring. Read More