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We present a detailed study of the exclusive radiative decays $Z\to\eta^{(\prime)}\gamma$ employing the QCD factorization approach. We derive a factorization formula for the decay amplitudes valid at leading power in an expansion in $(\Lambda_{QCD}/m_Z)^2$, which includes convolutions of calculable hard-scattering kernels with the leading-twist quark and gluon light-cone distribution amplitudes of the mesons. Large logarithms arising in the evolution from the high scale $m_Z$ down to hadronic scales are resummed using the renormalization group, carefully accounting for the effects of the heavy bottom and charm quarks. Read More

Affiliations: 1Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, 2Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

We present a detailed analysis of the rare exclusive Higgs-boson decays into a single vector meson and a photon and investigate the possibility of using these processes to probe the light-quark Yukawa couplings. We work with an effective Lagrangian with modified Higgs couplings to account for possible new-physics effects in a model-independent way. The h->V\gamma{} decay rate is governed by the destructive interference of two amplitudes, one of which involves the Higgs coupling to the quark anti-quark pair inside the vector meson. Read More