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We utilize elemental-abundance information for Galactic red giant stars in five open clusters (NGC 7789, NGC 6819, M67, NGC 188, and NGC 6791) from the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) DR13 dataset to age-date the chemical evolution of the high- and low-$\alpha$ element sequences of the Milky Way. Key to this time-stamping is the cluster NGC 6791, whose stellar members have mean abundances that place it in the high-$\alpha$, high-[Fe/H] region of the [$\alpha$/Fe]-[Fe/H] plane. Based on the cluster's age ($\sim 8$ Gyr), Galactocentric radius, and height above the Galactic plane, as well as comparable chemistry reported for APOGEE stars in Baade's Window, we suggest that the two most likely origins for NGC 6791 are as an original part of the thick-disk, or as a former member of the Galactic bulge. Read More

Blazars are a class of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) known for their very rapid variabilty in the high energy regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Despite this known fast variability, X-ray observations have generally not revealed variability in blazars with rate doubling or halving timescales less than approximately 15 min. Since its launch, the Swift X-ray Telescope has obtained 0. Read More