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Record linkage involves merging records in large, noisy databases to remove duplicate entities. It has become an important area because of its widespread occurrence in bibliometrics, public health, official statistics production, political science, and beyond. Traditional linkage methods directly linking records to one another are computationally infeasible as the number of records grows. Read More

With the recent popularity of graphical clustering methods, there has been an increased focus on the information between samples. We show how learning cluster structure using edge features naturally and simultaneously determines the most likely number of clusters and addresses data scale issues. These results are particularly useful in instances where (a) there are a large number of clusters and (b) we have some labeled edges. Read More

Entity resolution (ER) is the task of identifying records belonging to the same entity (e.g. individual, group) across one or multiple databases. Read More

One significant challenge to scaling entity resolution algorithms to massive datasets is understanding how performance changes after moving beyond the realm of small, manually labeled reference datasets. Unlike traditional machine learning tasks, when an entity resolution algorithm performs well on small hold-out datasets, there is no guarantee this performance holds on larger hold-out datasets. We prove simple bounding properties between the performance of a match function on a small validation set and the performance of a pairwise entity resolution algorithm on arbitrarily sized datasets. Read More