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Understanding the evolution of a set of genes or species is a fundamental problem in evolutionary biology. The problem we study here takes as input a set of trees describing {possibly discordant} evolutionary scenarios for a given set of genes or species, and aims at finding a single tree that minimizes the leaf-removal distance to the input trees. This problem is a specific instance of the general consensus/supertree problem, widely used to combine or summarize discordant evolutionary trees. Read More

We consider the NP-hard Tree Containment problem that has important applications in phylogenetics. The problem asks if a given leaf-labeled network contains a subdivision of a given leaf-labeled tree. We develop a fast algorithm for the case that the input network is indeed a tree in which multiple leaves might share a label. Read More

Hub Labeling (HL) is a data structure for distance oracles. Hierarchical HL (HHL) is a special type of HL, that received a lot of attention from a practical point of view. However, theoretical questions such as NP-hardness and approximation guarantee for HHL algorithms have been left aside. Read More

Distance labeling is a preprocessing technique introduced by Peleg [Journal of Graph Theory, 33(3)] to speed up distance queries in large networks. Herein, each vertex receives a (short) label and, the distance between two vertices can be inferred from their two labels. One such preprocessing problem occurs in the hub labeling algorithm [Abraham et al. Read More

The Outerplanar Diameter Improvement problem asks, given a graph $G$ and an integer $D$, whether it is possible to add edges to $G$ in a way that the resulting graph is outerplanar and has diameter at most $D$. We provide a dynamic programming algorithm that solves this problem in polynomial time. Outerplanar Diameter Improvement demonstrates several structural analogues to the celebrated and challenging Planar Diameter Improvement problem, where the resulting graph should, instead, be planar. Read More

Numerous applications in scheduling, such as resource allocation or steel manufacturing, can be modeled using the NP-hard Independent Set problem (given an undirected graph and an integer k, find a set of at least k pairwise non-adjacent vertices). Here, one encounters special graph classes like 2-union graphs (edge-wise unions of two interval graphs) and strip graphs (edge-wise unions of an interval graph and a cluster graph), on which Independent Set remains NP-hard but admits constant-ratio approximations in polynomial time. We study the parameterized complexity of Independent Set on 2-union graphs and on subclasses like strip graphs. Read More