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Embedded systems in safety-critical environments are continuously required to deliver more performance and functionality, while expected to provide verified safety guarantees. Nonetheless, platform-wide software verification (required for safety) is often expensive. Therefore, design methods that enable utilization of components such as real-time operating systems (RTOS), without requiring their correctness to guarantee safety, is necessary. Read More

Many physical plants that are controlled by embedded systems have safety requirements that need to be respected at all times - any deviations from expected behavior can result in damage to the system (often to the physical plant), the environment or even endanger human life. In recent times, malicious attacks against such systems have increased - many with the intent to cause physical damage. In this paper, we aim to decouple the safety of the plant from security of the embedded system by taking advantage of the inherent inertia in such systems. Read More

Until recently, cyber-physical systems, especially those with safety-critical properties that manage critical infrastructure (e.g. power generation plants, water treatment facilities, etc. Read More