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Latent Block Model (LBM) is a model-based method to cluster simultaneously the $d$ columns and $n$ rows of a data matrix. Parameter estimation in LBM is a difficult and multifaceted problem. Although various estimation strategies have been proposed and are now well understood empirically, theoretical guarantees about their asymptotic behavior is rather sparse. Read More

Many application domains such as ecology or genomics have to deal with multivariate non Gaussian observations. A typical example is the joint observation of the respective abundances of a set of species in a series of sites, aiming to understand the co-variations between these species. The Gaussian setting provides a canonical way to model such dependencies, but does not apply in general. Read More

Background. Large scale metagenomic projects aim to extract biodiversity knowledge between different environmental conditions. Current methods for comparing microbial communities face important limitations. Read More

Comparative and evolutive ecologists are interested in the distribution of quantitative traits among related species. The classical framework for these distributions consists of a random process running along the branches of a phylogenetic tree relating the species. We consider shifts in the process parameters, which reveal fast adaptation to changes of ecological niches. Read More

We propose a unified framework for studying both latent and stochastic block models, which are used to cluster simultaneously rows and columns of a data matrix. In this new framework, we study the behaviour of the groups posterior distribution, given the data. We characterize whether it is possible to asymptotically recover the actual groups on the rows and columns of the matrix, relying on a consistent estimate of the parameter. Read More

As more and more network-structured data sets are available, the statistical analysis of valued graphs has become common place. Looking for a latent structure is one of the many strategies used to better understand the behavior of a network. Several methods already exist for the binary case. Read More

Given n observations, we study the consistency of a batch of k new observations, in terms of their distribution function. We propose a non-parametric, non-likelihood test based on Edgeworth expansion of the distribution function. The keypoint is to approximate the distribution of the n+k observations by the distribution of n-k among the n observations. Read More