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UV-glass photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) have poor photon detection efficiency for wavelengths below $300\,\text{nm}$ due to the opaqueness of the window material. Costly quartz PMTs could be used to enhance the efficiency below $300\,\text{nm}$. A less expensive solution that dramatically improves this efficiency is the application of a thin film of a p-terphenyl (PT) wavelength shifter on UV-glass PMTs. Read More

We propose to measure the photo-production cross section of $J/{\psi}$ near threshold, in search of the recently observed LHCb hidden-charm resonances $P_c$(4380) and $P_c$(4450) consistent with 'pentaquarks'. The observation of these resonances in photo-production will provide strong evidence of the true resonance nature of the LHCb states, distinguishing them from kinematic enhancements. A bremsstrahlung photon beam produced with an 11 GeV electron beam at CEBAF covers the energy range of $J/{\psi}$ production from the threshold photo-production energy of 8. Read More