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Publications Authored By M. K. Singh

In this article we study the spin and tunneling dynamics as a function of magnetic field in a one-dimensional GaAs double quantum dot with both the Dresselhaus and Rashba spin-orbit coupling. In particular we consider different spatial widths for the spin-up and spin-down electronic states. We find that the spin dynamics is a superposition of slow as well as fast Rabi oscillations. Read More

Obesity is one of the major health risk factors be- hind the rise of non-communicable conditions. Understanding the factors influencing obesity is very complex since there are many variables that can affect the health behaviors leading to it. Nowadays, multiple data sources can be used to study health behaviors, such as wearable sensors for physical activity and sleep, social media, mobile and health data. Read More

This paper explores an interesting new dimension to the challenging problem of predicting long-term scientific impact (LTSI) usually measured by the number of citations accumulated by a paper in the long-term. It is well known that early citations (within 1-2 years after publication) acquired by a paper positively affects its LTSI. However, there is no work that investigates if the set of authors who bring in these early citations to a paper also affect its LTSI. Read More

Our current knowledge of scholarly plagiarism is largely based on the similarity between full text research articles. In this paper, we propose an innovative and novel conceptualization of scholarly plagiarism in the form of reuse of explicit citation sentences in scientific research articles. Note that while full-text plagiarism is an indicator of a gross-level behavior, copying of citation sentences is a more nuanced micro-scale phenomenon observed even for well-known researchers. Read More

A central goal in cancer genomics is to identify the somatic alterations that underpin tumor initiation and progression. This task is challenging as the mutational profiles of cancer genomes exhibit vast heterogeneity, with many alterations observed within each individual, few shared somatically mutated genes across individuals, and important roles in cancer for both frequently and infrequently mutated genes. While commonly mutated cancer genes are readily identifiable, those that are rarely mutated across samples are difficult to distinguish from the large numbers of other infrequently mutated genes. Read More

In this paper, we investigate the structure of the automorphism groups of pure braid groups. We prove that, for $n>3$, $\Aut(P_n)$ is generated by the subgroup $\Aut_c(P_n)$ of central automorphisms of $P_n$, the subgroup $\Aut(B_n)$ of restrictions of automorphisms of $B_n$ on $P_n$ and one extra automorphism $w_n$. We also investigate the lifting and extension problem for automorphisms of some well-known exact sequences arising from braid groups, and prove that that answers are negative in most cases. Read More

The mechanical failure of amorphous media is a ubiquitous phenomenon from material engineering to geology. It has been noticed for a long time that the phenomenon is "scale-free", indicating some type of criticality. In spite of attempts to invoke "Self-Organized Criticality", the physical origin of this criticality, and also its universal nature, being quite insensitive to the nature of microscopic interactions, remained elusive. Read More

Blockchain technology promises a sizable potential for executing inter-organizational business processes without requiring a central party serving as a single point of trust (and failure). This paper analyzes its impact on business process management (BPM). We structure the discussion using two BPM frameworks, namely the six BPM core capabilities and the BPM lifecycle. Read More

Let $U$ and $\bar{U}$ be orthogonal representations of $G=(\mathbb{S}^1)^k\times(\mathbb{Z}_p)^{\ell}$, $p$ a prime, such that $U^G=\bar{U}^G=\{0\}$. We prove that a $G$-equivariant map $S(U) \to S(\bar{U})$ exists if and only if $\dim U^H \leq \dim \bar{U}^H$ for any closed subgroup $H \subseteq G$, thus simultaneously establishing a Borsuk-Ulam type theorem and its converse. Our argument in fact shows that the "if" part is valid for any compact Lie group $G$. Read More

Feedforward Neural Network (FNN)-based language models estimate the probability of the next word based on the history of the last N words, whereas Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) perform the same task based only on the last word and some context information that cycles in the network. This paper presents a novel approach, which bridges the gap between these two categories of networks. In particular, we propose an architecture which takes advantage of the explicit, sequential enumeration of the word history in FNN structure while enhancing each word representation at the projection layer through recurrent context information that evolves in the network. Read More

We investigate the ground state properties of ultracold atoms with long range interactions trapped in a two leg ladder configuration in the presence of an artificial magnetic field. Using a Gross-Pitaevskii approach and a mean field Gutzwiller variational method, we explore both the weakly interacting and strongly interacting regime, respectively. We calculate the boundaries between the density-wave/supersolid and the Mott-insulator/superfluid phases as a function of magnetic flux and uncover regions of supersolidity. Read More

We report the first result on Ge-76 neutrinoless double beta decay from CDEX-1 experiment at China Jinping Underground Laboratory. A mass of 994 g p-type point-contact high purity germanium detector has been installed to search the neutrinoless double beta decay events, as well as to directly detect dark matter particles. An exposure of 304 kg*day has been analyzed. Read More

In this paper we discuss the stability properties of convolutional neural networks. Convolutional neural networks are widely used in machine learning. In classification they are mainly used as feature extractors. Read More

As microblogging services like Twitter are becoming more and more influential in today's globalised world, its facets like sentiment analysis are being extensively studied. We are no longer constrained by our own opinion. Others opinions and sentiments play a huge role in shaping our perspective. Read More

Amorphous solids increase their stress as a function of an applied strain until a mechanical yield point whereupon the stress cannot increase anymore, afterwards exhibiting a steady state with a constant mean stress. In stress controlled experiments the system simply breaks when pushed beyond this mean stress. The ubiquity of this phenomenon over a huge variety of amorphous solids calls for a generic theory that is free of microscopic details. Read More

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have become the state-of-the-art in various computer vision tasks, but they are still premature for most sensor data, especially in pervasive and wearable computing. A major reason for this is the limited amount of annotated training data. In this paper, we propose the idea of leveraging the discriminative power of pre-trained deep CNNs on 2-dimensional sensor data by transforming the sensor modality to the visual domain. Read More

We present a radio and optical study of the double-double radio galaxy J1328+2752 based on new low-frequency GMRT observations and SDSS data. The radio data were used to investigate the morphology and to perform a spectral index analysis. In this source we find that the inner double is misaligned by $\sim$30$^\circ$ from the axis of the outer diffuse structure. Read More

We report the performance and characterization of a custom-built hybrid detector consisting of BC501A liquid scintillator for fast neutrons and BC702 scintillator for thermal neutrons. The calibration and the resolution of the BC501A liquid scintillator detector are performed. The event identification via Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) technique is developed in order to distinguish gamma, fast and thermal neutrons. Read More

A central question in algorithmic game theory is to measure the inefficiency (ratio of costs) of Nash equilibria (NE) with respect to socially optimal solutions. The two established metrics used for this purpose are price of anarchy (POA) and price of stability (POS), which respectively provide upper and lower bounds on this ratio. A deficiency of these metrics, however, is that they are purely existential and shed no light on which of the equilibrium states are reachable in an actual game, i. Read More

A simplistic design of a self-powered UV-photodetector device based on hybrid r-GO/GaN is demonstrated. Under zero bias, the fabricated hybrid photodetector shows a photosensivity of ~ 85% while ohmic contact GaN photodetector with identical device structure exhibits only ~ 5.3% photosensivity at 350 nm illumination (18 microWatt/cm^2). Read More

The p-type point-contact germanium detectors have been adopted for light dark matter WIMP searches and the studies of low energy neutrino physics. These detectors exhibit anomalous behavior to events located at the surface layer. The previous spectral shape method to identify these surface events from the bulk signals relies on spectral shape assumptions and the use of external calibration sources. Read More

We investigate a system of dipolar bosons in an optical lattice with local two and three-body interactions. Using the mean-field theory approach, we obtain the ground state phase diagram of the extended Bose-Hubbard (EBH) model with both repulsive and attractive three-body interac- tions. We show that the additional three-body on-site interaction has strong effects on the phase diagram especially on the supersolid phase. Read More

Industrial radiography has its inimitable role in non-destructive examinations. Industrial radiography devices, consisting of significantly high activity of the radioisotopes, are operated manually by remotely held control unit. Malfunctioning of these devices may cause potential exposure to the operator and nearby public, and thus should be practiced under a systematic risk control. Read More

The rate at which nodes in evolving social networks acquire links (friends, citations) shows complex temporal dynamics. Preferential attachment and link copying models, while elegant and simple, only capture rich-gets-richer effects, not aging and decline. Recent aging models are complex and heavily parameterized; most involve estimating 1-3 parameters per node. Read More

We study the problem of allocating $m$ items to $n$ agents subject to maximizing the Nash social welfare (NSW) objective. We write a novel convex programming relaxation for this problem, and we show that a simple randomized rounding algorithm gives a $1/e$ approximation factor of the objective. Our main technical contribution is an extension of Gurvits's lower bound on the coefficient of the square-free monomial of a degree $m$-homogeneous stable polynomial on $m$ variables to all homogeneous polynomials. Read More

This paper proposes OCR++, an open-source framework designed for a variety of information extraction tasks from scholarly articles including metadata (title, author names, affiliation and e-mail), structure (section headings and body text, table and figure headings, URLs and footnotes) and bibliography (citation instances and references). We analyze a diverse set of scientific articles written in English language to understand generic writing patterns and formulate rules to develop this hybrid framework. Extensive evaluations show that the proposed framework outperforms the existing state-of-the-art tools with huge margin in structural information extraction along with improved performance in metadata and bibliography extraction tasks, both in terms of accuracy (around 50% improvement) and processing time (around 52% improvement). Read More

A monotone iterative method is proposed to solve nonlinear discrete boundary value problems with the support of upper and lower solutions. We establish some new existence results. Under some sufficient conditions, we establish maximum principle for linear discrete boundary value problem, which relies on Green's function and its constant sign. Read More

We investigate physics opportunities to constraint leptonic CP-violation phase $\delta_{CP}$ through numerical analysis of working neutrino oscillation probability parameters, in the context of long base line experiments. Numerical analysis of two parameters, the " transition probability $\delta_{CP}$ phase sensitivity parameter ($A^M$) " and " CP-violation probability $\delta_{CP}$ phase sensitivity parameter ($A^{CP}$) ", as function of beam energy and/or base line has been preferably carried out. It is an elegant technique to broadly analyze different experiments to constraint $\delta_{CP}$ phase and also to investigate mass hierarchy in the leptonic sector. Read More

Every field of research consists of multiple application areas with various techniques routinely used to solve problems in these wide range of application areas. With the exponential growth in research volumes, it has become difficult to keep track of the ever-growing number of application areas as well as the corresponding problem solving techniques. In this paper, we consider the computational linguistics domain and present a novel information extraction system that automatically constructs a pool of all application areas in this domain and appropriately links them with corresponding problem solving techniques. Read More

Let $G$ be a group and $\varphi \in \Aut(G)$. Then the set $G$ equipped with the binary operation $a*b=\varphi(ab^{-1})b$ gives a quandle structure on $G$, denoted by $\Alex(G, \varphi)$ and called the generalised Alexander quandle. When $G$ is additive abelian and $\varphi = -\id_G$, then $\Alex(G, \varphi)$ is the well-known Takasaki quandle. Read More

In this paper, a quantum Stern-Gerlach thought experiment is introduced where, in addition to the intrinsic angular momentum of an atom, the magnetic field is also treated quantum mechanically. A freely falling spin polarised Bose-Einstein condensate passes close to a flux-qubit and interacts with the quantum superimposed magnetic field of the flux-qubit. Such an interaction results a macroscopic quantum entanglement of the path of a Bose-Einstein condensate with the magnetic flux quantum state of the flux-qubit. Read More

In the quest of understanding significant variations in the physical, chemical and electronic properties of the novel functional materials, low temperature Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction (LT-SXRD) measurements on CTO (a type-II) and CMTO (a type-I) multiferroics are presented. Magnetic phase diagram of CTO shows multiple magnetic transitions at zero fields, whereas, in CMTO, 20 K enhancement in the antiferromagnetic transition temperature is observed followed by near room temperature Griffiths phase. Rietveld analysis on LT-SXRD data of both the samples indicates important observations. Read More

Classifying publication venues into top-tier or non top-tier is quite subjective and can be debatable at times. In this paper, we propose ConfAssist, a novel assisting framework for conference categorization that aims to address the limitations in the existing systems and portals for venue classification. We start with the hypothesis that top-tier conferences are much more stable than other conferences and the inherent dynamics of these groups differs to a very large extent. Read More

We studied TbTe$_{3}$ using scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) in the temperature range of 298 - 355 K. As seen in previous STM measurements on RTe$_{3}$ compounds, our measurements detect a unidirectional charge density wave state (CDW) in the surface Te-layer with a wavevector consistent with that of the bulk, q$_{cdw}$ = 0.30 $\pm$ 0. Read More

In this work, we introduce temporal hierarchies to the sequence to sequence (seq2seq) model to tackle the problem of abstractive summarization of scientific articles. The proposed Multiple Timescale model of the Gated Recurrent Unit (MTGRU) is implemented in the encoder-decoder setting to better deal with the presence of multiple compositionalities in larger texts. The proposed model is compared to the conventional RNN encoder-decoder, and the results demonstrate that our model trains faster and shows significant performance gains. Read More

We consider the problem of finding sum of squares (sos) expressions to establish the non-negativity of a symmetric polynomial over a discrete hypercube whose coordinates are indexed by the $k$-element subsets of $[n]$. For simplicity, we focus on the case $k=2$, but our results extend naturally to all values of $k \geq 2$. We develop a variant of the Gatermann-Parrilo symmetry-reduction method tailored to our setting that allows for several simplifications and a connection to flag algebras. Read More

Let $A,\;B$ be the positive semidefinite matrices. A matrix version of the famous Powers-St{\o}rmer's inequality $$2Tr(A^\alpha B^{1-\alpha})\geq Tr(A+B-|A-B|),\;\;\;0\leq\alpha\leq 1,$$ was proven by Audenaert et. al. Read More

This article illustrates the possibility of investigating mass hierarchy and CP-violating phase \delta^{CP}, in the context of CP trajectory diagrams in the bi-probability plane. Separation between normal mass hierarchy (NH) and inverted mass hierarchy (IH) CP trajectory ellipses in the P-P^T plane seems to be very promising in order to investigate mass hierarchy. Illustration of separation between two hierarchy ellipses in the E-L plane is very helping to cover all the desired base lines and beam energies and also to analyze benefits and drawbacks at single place. Read More

Electron-positron pair production by means of vacuum polarization in the presence of strong electromagnetic (EM) field of two counterpropagating laser pulses is studied. A 3-dimensional model of the focused laser pulses based on the solution of the Maxwell's equations proposed by Narozhny and Fofanov is used to find the structure of EM field of the circularly polarized counterpropagating pulses. Analytical calculations show that the electric and magnetic fields are almost parallel to each other in the focal region when pulses are completely transverse either in electric (e-wave) or magnetic (h-wave) field. Read More

The immense growth of data demands switching from traditional data processing solutions to systems, which can process a continuous stream of real time data. Various applications employ stream processing systems to provide solutions to emerging Big Data problems. Open-source solutions such as Storm, Spark Streaming, and S4 are the attempts to answer key stream processing questions. Read More

The nature of random errors in any data set that is Gaussian is a well established fact according to the Central Limit Theorem. Supernovae type Ia data have played a crucial role in major discoveries in cosmology. Unlike in laboratory experiments, astronomical measurements can not be performed in controlled situations. Read More

Amorphous solids yield in strain-controlled protocols at a critical value of the strain. For larger strains the stress and energy display a generic complex serrated signal with elastic segments punctuated by sharp energy and stress plastic drops having a wide range of magnitudes. Here we provide a theory of the scaling properties of such serrated signals taking into account the system-size dependence. Read More

In this paper, we obtain a new class of functions, which is developed via the Hermite--Hadamard inequality for convex functions. The well-known one-one correspondence between the class of operator monotone functions and operator connections declares that the obtained class represents the weighted logarithmic means. We shall also consider weighted identric mean and some relationships between various operator means. Read More

In the light of refined and large reactor mixing angle $\theta_{13}$, we have revisited the texture three and two zero neutrino mass matrices in the flavor basis. For Majorana neutrinos, it has been explicitly shown that all the texture three zero mass matrices remain ruled out. Further, for both normal and inverted mass ordering, for the texture two zero neutrino mass matrices one finds interesting constraints on the Dirac-like CP violating phase $\delta$ and Majorana phases $\rho$ and $\sigma$. Read More

The India based Neutrino Observatory (INO) is a mega science project of India, which is going to use near about 30, 000 Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC) as active detector elements for the study of atmospheric neutrino oscillations. Each RPC detector will consist of two orthogonally placed readout strips panel for picking the signals generated in the gas chamber. The area of RPC detector in INO-ICAL (Iron Calorimeter) experiment will be 2m x 2m, therefore the dimension of readout strips panel will also be of 2m x 2m. Read More

It is known by now that amorphous solids at zero temperature do not possess a nonlinear elasticity theory: besides the shear modulus which exists, all the higher order coefficients do not exist in the thermodynamic limit. Here we show that the same phenomenon persists up to temperatures comparable to the glass transition. The zero temperature mechanism due to the prevalence of dangerous plastic modes of the Hessian matrix is replaced by anomalous stress fluctuations that lead to the divergence of the variances of the higher order elastic coefficients. Read More

The effect of electron doping on the structural, transport, and magnetic properties of Mn (IV) - rich Ca1-xYxMnO3 (x < 0.2) samples have been investigated using neutron diffraction, neutron depolarization, magnetization and resistivity techniques. The temperature dependence of resistivity follows the small polaron model and the activation energy exhibits a minimum for x=0. Read More

Brain Functional Networks (BFNs), graph theoretical models of brain activity data, provide a systems perspective of complex functional connectivity within the brain. Neurological disorders are known to have basis in abnormal functional activities, that could be captured in terms of network markers. Schizophrenia is a pathological condition characterized with altered brain functional state. Read More

The CDEX-1 experiment conducted a search of low-mass (< 10 GeV/c2) Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) dark matter at the China Jinping Underground Laboratory using a p-type point-contact germanium detector with a fiducial mass of 915 g at a physics analysis threshold of 475 eVee. We report the hardware set-up, detector characterization, data acquisition and analysis procedures of this experiment. No excess of unidentified events are observed after subtraction of known background. Read More