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In the point process context, kernel intensity estimation has been mainly restricted to exploratory analysis due to its lack of consistency. However the use of covariates has allow to design consistent alternatives under some restrictive assumptions. In this paper we focus our attention on de\-fi\-ning an appropriate framework to derive a consistent kernel intensity estimator using covariates, as well as a consistent smooth bootstrap procedure. Read More

We present a self-consistent theory for odd nuclei with exact blocking and particle number and angular momentum projection. The demanding treatment of the pairing correlations in a variation-after-projection approach as well as the explicit consideration of the triaxial deformation parameters in a projection after variation method, together with the use of the finite-range density-dependent Gogny force, provides an excellent tool for the description of odd-even and even-even nuclei. We apply the theory to the Magnesium isotopic chain and obtain an outstanding description of the ground-state properties, in particular binding energies, odd-even mass differences, mass radii and electromagnetic moments among others. Read More

We present an approach for the calculation of odd-nuclei with exact self-consistent blocking and particle number and angular momentum projection with the finite range density dependent Gogny force. As an application we calculate the nucleus $^{31}$Mg at the border of the $N=20$ inversion island. We evaluate the ground state properties, the excited states and the transition probabilities. Read More

Length-biased data are a particular case of weighted data, which arise in many situations: biomedicine, quality control or epidemiology among others. In this paper we study the theoretical properties of kernel density estimation in the context of length-biased data, proposing two consistent bootstrap methods that we use for bandwidth selection. Apart from the bootstrap bandwidth selectors we suggest a rule-of-thumb. Read More

We present a novel nuclear energy density functional method to calculate spectroscopic properties of atomic nuclei. Intrinsic nuclear quadrupole deformations and rotational frequencies are considered simultaneously as the degrees of freedom within a symmetry conserving configuration mixing framework. The present method allows the study of nuclear states with collective and single-particle character. Read More

We present the first calculations of a symmetry conserving configuration mixing method (SCCM) using time-reversal symmetry breaking Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) states with the Gogny D1S interaction. The method includes particle number and tridimensional angular momentum symmetry restorations as well as configuration mixing within the generator coordinate method (GCM) framework. The nucleus $^{32}$Mg is chosen to show the performance and reliability of the calculations. Read More