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The propagation characteristics and interactions between the dust acoustic (DA) one and multi solitons in an unmagnetized dusty plasmas composing negatively charged mobile dust, Boltzmann distributed electrons, nonextensive distributed cold and nonthermal distributed hot ions are studied. The well known extended Poincar Lighthill Kuo (PLK) method is employed to derive the two sided Korteweg de Vries (KdV) equations. The solutions of KdV equations are constructed using the Hirota method both for one and multi solitons. Read More

Atmospheric pressure steam/oxygen plasma is generated by a 88 Hz, 6kV AC power supply. The properties of the produced plasma are investigated by optical emission spectroscopy (OES). The relative intensity, rotational, vibrational, excitation temperatures and electron density are studied as function of applied voltage, electrode spacing and oxygen flow rate. Read More

A high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavity with a frequency-doubled continuous wave green laser (532~nm) has been built and installed in Hall A of Jefferson Lab for high precision Compton polarimetry. The infrared (1064~nm) beam from a ytterbium-doped fiber amplifier seeded by a Nd:YAG nonplanar ring oscillator laser is frequency doubled in a single-pass periodically poled MgO:LiNbO$_{3}$ crystal. The maximum achieved green power at 5 W IR pump power is 1. Read More

Space time fractional nonlinear evolution equations have been widely applied for describing various types of physical mechanism of natural phenomena in mathematical physics and engineering. The proposed generalized exp expansion method along with the Jumarie s modified Riemann-Liouville derivatives is employed to carry out the integration of these equations, particularly space-time fractional Burgers equations, space-time fractional foam drainage equation and time fractional fifth order Sawada Kotera equation. The traveling wave solutions of these equations are appeared in terms of the hyperbolic, trigonometric, exponential and rational functions. Read More

We use Perturbative Continuous Unitary Transformations (PCUT) to study the one dimensional Extended Ionic Hubbard Model (EIHM) at half-filling in the band insulator region. The extended ionic Hubbard model, in addition to the usual ionic Hubbard model, includes an inter-site nearest-neighbor (n.n. Read More

In this communication, we present a high resolution tactile plate that can localize one or two contact fingers. The localization principle is based on Lamb wave absorption. Fingers' contact will generate absorption signals while Lamb waves are propagating in a thin finite copper plate. Read More

Taking the site-diagonal terms of the one-dimensional ionic Hubbard model (IHM) as $H_0$, we employ Continuous Unitary Transformations (CUT) to obtain a "classical" effective Hamiltonian in which hopping term has been integrated out. For this Hamiltonian spin gap and charge gap are calculated at half-filling and subject to periodic boundary conditions. Our calculations indicate two transition points. Read More