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We study the inverse conductivity problem with discontinuous conductivities. We consider, simultaneously, a regularisation and a discretisation for a variational approach to solve the inverse problem. We show that, under suitable choices of the regularisation and discretisation parameters, the discrete regularised solutions converge, as the noise level on the measurements goes to zero, to the looked for solution of the inverse problem. Read More

The aim of this short note is to give an alternative proof, which applies to functions of bounded variation in arbitrary domains, of an inequality by Maz'ya that improves Friedrichs inequality. A remarkable feature of such a proof is that it is rather elementary, if the basic background in the theory of functions of bounded variation is assumed. Never the less, it allows to extend all the previously known versions of this fundamental inequality to a completely general version. Read More

The aim of this paper is to characterise the equilibrium measure for a nonlocal and anisotropic weighted energy describing the interaction of positive dislocations in the plane. We prove that the minimum value of the energy is attained by a measure supported on the vertical axis and distributed according to the semi-circle law, a well-known measure which also arises as the minimiser of purely logarithmic interactions in one dimension. This result gives a positive answer to the conjecture that positive dislocations tend to form vertical walls. Read More

This paper is concerned with the scattering problem for time-harmonic electromagnetic waves, due to the presence of scatterers and of inhomogeneities in the medium. We prove a sharp stability result for the solutions to the direct electromagnetic scattering problem, with respect to variations of the scatterer and of the inhomogeneity, under minimal regularity assumptions for both of them. The stability result leads to uniform bounds on solutions to the scattering problems for an extremely general class of admissible scatterers and inhomogeneities. Read More

The aim of the paper is to establish optimal stability estimates for the determination of sound-hard polyhedral scatterers in $\mathbb{R}^N$, $N \geq 2$, by a minimal number of far-field measurements. This work is a significant and highly nontrivial extension of the stability estimates for the determination of sound-soft polyhedral scatterers by far-field measurements, proved by one of the authors, to the much more challenging sound-hard case. The admissible polyhedral scatterers satisfy minimal a priori assumptions of Lipschitz type and may include at the same time solid obstacles and screen-type components. Read More

We investigate the continuity of boundary operators, such as the Neumann-to-Dirichlet map, with respect to the coefficient matrices of the underlying elliptic equations. We show that for nonsmooth coefficients the correct notion of convergence is the one provided by $H$-convergence (or $G$-convergence for symmetric matrices). We prove existence results for minimum problems associated to variational methods used to solve the so-called inverse conductivity problem, at least if we allow the conductivities to be anisotropic. Read More

Photolithography is a process in the production of integrated circuits in which a mask is used to create an exposed pattern with a desired geometric shape. In the inverse problem of photolithography, a desired pattern is given and the mask that produces an exposed pattern which is close to the desired one is sought. We propose a variational approach formulation of this shape design problem and introduce a regularization strategy. Read More

We deal with the stability issue for the determination of outgoing time-harmonic acoustic waves from their far-field patterns. We are especially interested in keeping as explicit as possible the dependence of our stability estimates on the wavenumber of the corresponding Helmholtz equation and in understanding the high wavenumber, that is frequency, asymptotics. Applications include stability results for the determination from far-field data of solutions of direct scattering problems with sound-soft obstacles and an instability analysis for the corresponding inverse obstacle problem. Read More

We study the stability for the direct acoustic scattering problem with sound-hard scatterers with minimal regularity assumptions on the scatterers. The main tool we use for this purpose is the convergence in the sense of Mosco. We obtain uniform decay estimates for scattered fields and we investigate how a sound-hard screen may be approximated by thin sound-hard obstacles. Read More

We develop a very general theory on the regularized approximate invisibility cloaking for the wave scattering governed by the Helmholtz equation in any space dimensions via the approach of transformation optics. Read More

We numerically implement the variational approach for reconstruction in the inverse crack and cavity problems developed by one of the authors. The method is based on a suitably adapted free-discontinuity problem. Its main features are the use of phase-field functions to describe the defects to be reconstructed and the use of perimeter-like penalizations to regularize the ill-posed problem. Read More

We consider the inverse problem of determining an optical mask that produces a desired circuit pattern in photolithography. We set the problem as a shape design problem in which the unknown is a two-dimensional domain. The relationship between the target shape and the unknown is modeled through diffractive optics. Read More

We treat the inverse problem of determining material losses, such as cavities, in a conducting body, by performing electrostatic measurements at the boundary. We develop a numerical approach, based on variational methods, to reconstruct the unknown material loss by a single boundary measurement of current and voltage type. The method is based on the use of phase-field functions to model the material losses and on a perimeter-like penalization to regularize the otherwise ill-posed problem. Read More

We discuss the ill-posed Cauchy problem for elliptic equations, which is pervasive in inverse boundary value problems modeled by elliptic equations. We provide essentially optimal stability results, in wide generality and under substantially minimal assumptions. As a general scheme in our arguments, we show that all such stability results can be derived by the use of a single building brick, the three-spheres inequality. Read More

In the paper, G. Alessandrini and L. Rondi, ``Determining a sound-soft polyhedral scatterer by a single far-field measurement'', Proc. Read More

We prove that a sound-soft polyhedral scatterer is uniquely determined by the far-field pattern corresponding to an incident plane wave at one given wavenumber and one given incident direction. Read More

Following a recent paper by N. Mandache (Inverse Problems 17 (2001), pp. 1435-1444), we establish a general procedure for determining the instability character of inverse problems. Read More