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By means of a variational approach we rigorously deduce three one-dimensional models for elastic ribbons from the theory of von K\'arm\'an plates, passing to the limit as the width of the plate goes to zero. The one-dimensional model found starting from the "linearized" von K\'arm\'an energy corresponds to that of a linearly elastic beam that can twist but can deform in just one plane; while the model found from the von K\'arm\'an energy is a non-linear model that comprises stretching, bendings, and twisting. The "constrained" von K\'arm\'an energy, instead, leads to a new Sadowsky type of model. Read More

We consider thin plates whose energy density is a quadratic function of the difference between the second fundamental form of the deformed configuration and a "natural" curvature tensor. This tensor either denotes the second fundamental form of the stress-free configuration, if it exists, or a target curvature tensor. In the latter case, residual stress arises from the geometrical frustration involved in the attempt to achieve the target curvature: as a result, the plate is naturally twisted, even in the absence of external forces or prescribed boundary conditions. Read More