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In this paper, we mainly consider the initial boundary problem for a quasilinear parabolic equation \[ u_t-\mathrm{div}\left(|\nabla u|^{p-2}\nabla u\right)=-|u|^{\beta-1}u+\alpha|u|^{q-2}u, \] where $p>1,\beta>0$, $q\geq1$ and $\alpha>0$. By using Gagliardo-Nirenberg type inequality, energy method and comparison principle, the phenomena of blowup and extinction are classified completely in the different ranges of reaction exponents. Read More

Skew normal mixture models provide a more flexible framework than the popular normal mixtures for modelling heterogeneous data with asymmetric behaviors. Due to the unboundedness of likelihood function and the divergency of shape parameters, the maximum likelihood estimators of the parameters of interest are often not well defined, leading to dissatisfactory inferential process. We put forward a proposal to deal with these issues simultaneously in the context of penalizing the likelihood function. Read More

The dependence of correlations of neutron multiplicity {\nu} and gamma-ray multiplicity Mg in spontaneous fission of 252Cf on fragment mass A* and total kinetic energy TKE has been investigated employing the ratio of Mg/{\nu} and the form of Mg({\nu}). We show for the first time that Mg and {\nu} have a complex correlation for heavy fragment masses, while there is a positive dependence of Mg({\nu}) for light fragment masses and for near-symmetric mass splits. The ratio Mg/{\nu} exhibits strong shell effects for the neutron magic number N = 50 and near the doubly magic number shell closure at Z = 50 and N = 82. Read More

The measurement for charge distributions of fragments in 252Cf has been performed by using a unique style of detector setup consisting of a typical grid ionization chamber and a dE-E particle telescope. We found that the fragment mass dependency of the average width of the charge distribution shows a systematic decreased trend with the obvious odd-even effect. The variation of widths of charge distribution with kinetic energies shows an approximate V-shape curve due to the large number of neutron emission for the high excitation energies and cold fragmentation with low excitation energies. Read More

We develop an efficient estimation procedure for identifying and estimating the central subspace. Using a new way of parameterization, we convert the problem of identifying the central subspace to the problem of estimating a finite dimensional parameter in a semiparametric model. This conversion allows us to derive an efficient estimator which reaches the optimal semiparametric efficiency bound. Read More

This paper is concerned with screening features in ultrahigh dimensional data analysis, which has become increasingly important in diverse scientific fields. We develop a sure independence screening procedure based on the distance correlation (DC-SIS, for short). The DC-SIS can be implemented as easily as the sure independence screening procedure based on the Pearson correlation (SIS, for short) proposed by Fan and Lv (2008). Read More