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This paper is concerned with solving some structured multi-linear systems, which are called tensor absolute value equations. This kind of absolute value equations is closely related to tensor complementarity problems and is a generalization of the well-known absolute value equations in the matrix case. We prove that tensor absolute value equations are equivalent to some special structured tensor complementary problems. Read More

Clone group mapping has a very important significance in the evolution of code clone. The topic modeling techniques were applied into code clone firstly and a new clone group mapping method was proposed. The method is very effective for not only Type-1 and Type-2 clone but also Type-3 clone . Read More

We study M-tensors and various properties of M-tensors are given. Specially, we show that the smallest real eigenvalue of M-tensor is positive corresponding to a nonnegative eigenvector. We propose an algorithm to find the smallest positive eigenvalue and then apply the property to study the positive definiteness of a multivariate form. Read More

It is well known that the dominant eigenvalue of a real essentially nonnegative matrix is a convex function of its diagonal entries. This convexity is of practical importance in population biology, graph theory, demography, analytic hierarchy process and so on. In this paper, the concept of essentially nonnegativity is extended from matrices to higher order tensors, and the convexity and log convexity of dominant eigenvalues for such a class of tensors are established. Read More