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Some anomalies in the processes $b\to s\ell\ell$ ($\ell=\mu,e$) and $b\to c \ell\bar\nu_\ell$ ($\ell=\tau,\mu,e$), in particular in the observables $R_{D^{(\ast)}}$ and $R_K$, have been found by the BaBar, LHCb and Belle Collaborations, leading to a possible lepton flavor universality violation. If these anomalies were confirmed they would inevitably lead to physics beyond the Standard Model. In this paper we provide an explanation of the present anomalies in an extra dimensional theory, solving the naturalness problem of the Standard Model by means of a warped metric with a strong conformality violation near the infra-red brane. Read More

The experimental value of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, as well as the LHCb anomalies, point towards new physics coupled non-universally to muons and electrons. Working in extra dimensional theories, which solve the electroweak hierarchy problem with a warped metric, strongly deformed with respect to the AdS$_5$ geometry at the infra-red brane, the LHCb anomalies can be solved by imposing that the bottom and the muon have a sizable amount of compositeness, while the electron is mainly elementary. Using this set-up as starting point we have proven that extra physics has to be introduced to describe the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. Read More