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Publications Authored By Lifeng Chen

We propose a method to directly visualize the photonic band-structure of micron size photonic crystals using wide angle spectroscopy. By extending Fourier Imaging Spectroscopy sensitivity into the infrared range we have obtained accurate measurements of the band-structures along the high-symmetry directions (X-W-K-L-U) of polymeric three-dimensional rod-connected diamond photonic crystals. Our implementation also allows us to record single-wavelength reflectance far field patterns showing a very good agreement with simulations of the same designs. Read More

The limiting behavior of stochastic evolution processes with small noise intensity $\epsilon$ is investigated in distribution-based approach. Let $\mu^{\epsilon}$ be stationary measure for stochastic process $X^{\epsilon}$ with small $\epsilon$ and $X^{0}$ be a semiflow on a Polish space. Assume that $\{\mu^{\epsilon}: 0<\epsilon\leq\epsilon_0\}$ is tight. Read More

This paper presents fabrication, measurement and modelling results for a metal-dielectric-metal metasurface absorber for solar thermal applications. The structure uses amorphous carbon as an inter-layer between thin gold films with the upper film patterned with a 2D periodic array using focused ion beam etching. The patterned has been optimised to give high absorptance from 400-1200nm and low absorptance above this wavelength range to minimise thermal radiation and hence obtain higher temperature performance. Read More

Motivated by the work of Busse et al. [6] on turbulent convection in a rotating layer, we exploit the long-run behavior for stochastic Lotka-Volterra (LV) systems both in pull-back trajectory and in stationary measure. It is proved stochastic decomposition formula describing the relation between solutions of stochastic and deterministic LV systems and stochastic Logistic equation. Read More

Harnessing the Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) of light is an appealing approach to developing photonic technologies for future applications in optical communications and high- dimensional Quantum Key Distributions (QKD). An outstanding challenge to the widespread uptake of the OAM resource is its efficient generation. We design a new device which can directly emit an OAM-carrying light beam. Read More

We present the simulation, fabrication, and optical characterization of low-index polymeric rod-connected diamond (RCD) structures. Such complex three-dimensional photonic crystal structures are created via direct laser writing by two-photon polymerization. To our knowledge, this is the first measurement at near-infrared wavelengths, showing partial photonic bandgaps for this structure. Read More

The linearly constrained matrix rank minimization problem is widely applicable in many fields such as control, signal processing and system identification. The tightest convex relaxation of this problem is the linearly constrained nuclear norm minimization. Although the latter can be cast as a semidefinite programming problem, such an approach is computationally expensive to solve when the matrices are large. Read More