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Physics - Soft Condensed Matter (2)
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A novel bilayer is introduced, consisting of a stiff film adhered to a soft substrate with patterned holes beneath the film and substrate interface. To uncover the transition of surface patterns, two dimensional plane strain simulations are performed on the defected bilayer subjected to uniaxial compression. Although the substrate is considered as the linear elastic material, the presence of defects can directly trigger the formation of locally ridged and then folding configurations from flat surface with a relatively small compressive strain. Read More

Pimple is one of the most common skin diseases for humans. The mechanical modeling of pimple growth is very limited. A finite element model is developed to quantify the deformation field with the expansion of follicle, and then the mechanical stimulus is related to the sensation of pain during the development of pimple. Read More

In nature, a variety of limbless locomotion patterns flourish from the small or basic life form (Escherichia coli, the amoeba, etc.) to the large or intelligent creatures (e.g. Read More

In High Speed Train Communications (HSTC), the most challenging issue is coping with the extremely fast fading channel. Compared with its static counterpart, channel estimation on the move consumes excessive energy and spectrum to achieve similar performance. To address this issue, we exploit the delay correlation inherent in the linear spatial-temporal structure of multi-antenna array, based on which the rapid fading channel may be approximated by a virtual slow-fading channel. Read More