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Data augmentation is a common technique for building tuning-free Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms. Although these algorithms are very popular, autocorrelations are often high in large samples, leading to poor computational efficiency. This phenomenon has been attributed to a discrepancy between Gibbs step sizes and the rate of posterior concentration. Read More

Gaussian process is a theoretically appealing model for nonparametric analysis, but its computational cumbersomeness hinders its use in large scale and the existing reduced-rank solutions are usually heuristic. In this work, we propose a novel construction of Gaussian process as a projection from fixed discrete frequencies to any continuous location. This leads to a valid stochastic process that has a theoretic support with the reduced rank in the spectral density, as well as a high-speed computing algorithm. Read More

A novel extrapolation method is proposed for longitudinal forecasting. A hierarchical Gaussian process model is used to combine nonlinear population change and individual memory of the past to make prediction. The prediction error is minimized through the hierarchical design. Read More

We propose a novel "tree-averaging" model that utilizes the ensemble of classification and regression trees (CART). Each constituent tree is estimated with a subset of similar data. We treat this grouping of subsets as Bayesian ensemble trees (BET) and model them as an infinite mixture Dirichlet process. Read More