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Most of existing image denoising methods learn image priors from either external data or the noisy image itself to remove noise. However, priors learned from external data may not be adaptive to the image to be denoised, while priors learned from the given noisy image may not be accurate due to the interference of corrupted noise. Meanwhile, the noise in real-world noisy images is very complex, which is hard to be described by simple distributions such as Gaussian distribution, making real noisy image denoising a very challenging problem. Read More

The phenomenon of spin transfer torque (STT) has attracted a great deal of interests due to its promising prospects in practical spintronic devices. In this paper, we report a theoretical investigation of STT in a noncollinear magnetic tunnel junction under ac modulation based on the nonequilibrium Green's function formalism, and derive a closed-formulation for predicting the time-averaged STT. Using this formulation, the ac STT of a carbon-nanotube-based magnetic tunnel junction is analyzed. Read More

In this paper, we prove abundance for 3-folds with non-trivial Albanese maps, over an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p > 5$. Read More

In this paper, we propose a novel learning based method for automated segmenta-tion of brain tumor in multimodal MRI images. The machine learned features from fully convolutional neural network (FCN) and hand-designed texton fea-tures are used to classify the MRI image voxels. The score map with pixel-wise predictions is used as a feature map which is learned from multimodal MRI train-ing dataset using the FCN. Read More

Model-based optimization methods and discriminative learning methods have been the two dominant strategies for solving various inverse problems in low-level vision. Typically, those two kinds of methods have their respective merits and drawbacks, e.g. Read More

Since the orbital angular momentum (OAM) being investigated intensively in the optical region, there are growing interests in employing OAM to solve the problem in wireless communications as a new method. It is found that the independence between different OAM modes is crucial to wireless communications. Motivated by the tremendous potential of OAM in communication systems, we propose a novel method to generate vortex beams by spoof surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). Read More

Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p>0$. We give a birational characterization of ordinary abelian varieties over $k$: a smooth projective variety $X$ is birational to an ordinary abelian variety if and only if $\kappa_S(X)=0$ and $b_1(X)=2 \dim X$. We also give a similar characterization of abelian varieties as well: a smooth projective variety $X$ is birational to an abelian variety if and only if $\kappa(X)=0$, and the Albanese morphism $a: X \to A$ is generically finite. Read More

We investigate the local descents for special orthogonal groups over p-adic local fields of characteristic zero, and obtain explicit spectral decomposition of the local descents at the first occurrence index in terms of the local Langlands data via the explicit local Langlands correspondence. The main result can be regarded as a refinement of the local Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture. Read More

Visual patterns represent the discernible regularity in the visual world. They capture the essential nature of visual objects or scenes. Understanding and modeling visual patterns is a fundamental problem in visual recognition that has wide ranging applications. Read More

This paper discusses the multiscale approach and the convergence of the time-dependent Maxwell-Schr\"{o}dinger system with rapidly oscillating discontinuous coefficients arising from the modeling of a heterogeneous nanostructure with a periodic microstructure. The homogenization method and the multiscale asymptotic method for the nonlinear coupled equations are presented. The efficient numerical algorithms based on the above methods are proposed. Read More

The observation of topological semimetal state in a material with a magnetic ground state is quite rare. By combination of high-field magnetoresistance and Shubnikov-de Hass oscillation analyses, we find that NdSb, which has an antiferromagnetic transition at 15 K, exhibits a Dirac-like topological semimetal state at the Brillouin zone corner (X points). The existence of topological semimetal state is well supported by our band-structure calculations. Read More

The speed at which two remote parties can exchange secret keys over a fixed-length fiber-optic cable in continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) is currently limited by the computational complexity of post-processing algorithms for key reconciliation. Multi-edge low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes with low code rates and long block lengths were proposed for CV-QKD, in order to extend the maximum reconciliation distance between the two remote parties. Key reconciliation over multiple dimensions has been shown to further improve the error-correction performance of multi-edge LDPC codes in CV-QKD, thereby increasing both the secret key rate and distance. Read More

Let $X$ be a normal, connected and projective variety over an algebraically closed field $k$. It is known that a vector bundle $V$ on $X$ is essentially finite if and only if it is trivialized by a proper surjective morphism $f:Y\to X$. In this paper we introduce a different approach to this problem which allows to extend the results to normal, connected and strongly pseudo-proper algebraic stack of finite type over an arbitrary field $k$. Read More

Atomistic/continuum coupling methods aim to achieve optimal balance between accuracy and efficiency. Adaptivity is the key for the efficient implementation of such methods. In this paper, we carry out a rigorous a posterior error analysis which includes the residual estimate, the stability constant estimate and the error bound, for a consistent atomistic/continuum coupling method in 2D. Read More

Metasurfaces enable a new paradigm of controlling electromagnetic waves by manipulating subwavelength artificial structures within just a fraction of wavelength. Despite the rapid growth, simultaneously achieving low-dimensionality, high transmission efficiency, real-time continuous reconfigurability, and a wide variety of re-programmable functions are still very challenging, forcing researchers to realize just one or few of the aforementioned features in one design. In this study, we report a subwavelength reconfigurable Huygens' metasurface realized by loading it with controllable active elements. Read More

A high precision, and space time fully decoupled, wavelet formulation numerical method is developed for a class of nonlinear initial boundary value problems. This method is established based on a proposed Coiflet based approximation scheme with an adjustable high order for a square integrable function over a bounded interval, which allows expansion coefficients to be explicitly expressed by function values at a series of single points. In applying the solution method, the nonlinear initial boundary value problems are first spatially discretized into a nonlinear initial value problem by combining the proposed wavelet approximation scheme and the conventional Galerkin method. Read More

A high order wavelet integral collocation method (WICM) is developed for general nonlinear boundary value problems in physics. This method is established based on Coiflet approximation of multiple integrals of interval bounded functions combined with an accurate and adjustable boundary extension technique. The convergence order of this approximation has been proven to be N as long as the Coiflet with N-1 vanishing moment is adopted, which can be any positive even integers. Read More

Cloud robotics is a field of robotics that attempts to invoke Cloud technologies such as Cloud computing, Cloud storage, and other Internet technologies centered around the benefits of converged infrastructure and shared services for robotics. In a few short years, Cloud robotics as a newly emerged field has already received much research and industrial attention. The use of the Cloud for robotics and automation brings some potential benefits largely ameliorating the performance of robotic systems. Read More

This paper aims to develop a novel cost-effective framework for face identification, which progressively maintains a batch of classifiers with the increasing face images of different individuals. By naturally combining two recently rising techniques: active learning (AL) and self-paced learning (SPL), our framework is capable of automatically annotating new instances and incorporating them into training under weak expert re-certification. We first initialize the classifier using a few annotated samples for each individual, and extract image features using the convolutional neural nets. Read More

Point matching refers to the process of finding spatial transformation and correspondences between two sets of points. In this paper, we focus on the case that there is only partial overlap between two point sets. Following the approach of the robust point matching method, we model point matching as a mixed linear assignment-least square problem and show that after eliminating the transformation variable, the resulting problem of minimization with respect to point correspondence is a concave optimization problem. Read More

Deterministic all-optical control of magnetization without an applied magnetic field has been reported for different materials such as ferrimagnetic and ferromagnetic thin films and granular recording media. These findings have challenged the understanding of all-optical helicity-dependent switching of magnetization and opened many potential applications for future magnetic information, memory and storage technologies. Here we demonstrate optical control of an antiferromagnetic layer through the exchange bias interaction using the helicity of a femtosecond pulsed laser on IrMn/[Co/Pt]xN antiferromagnetic/ ferromagnetic heterostructures. Read More

By a result of Biswas and Dos Santos, on a smooth and projective variety over an algebraically closed field, a vector bundle trivialized by a proper and surjective map is essentially finite, that is it corresponds to a representation of the Nori fundamental group scheme. In this paper we obtain similar results for non-proper non-smooth algebraic stacks over arbitrary fields of characteristic $p>0$. As by-product we have the following partial generalization of the Biswas-Dos Santos' result in positive characteristic: on a pseudo-proper and inflexible stack of finite type over $k$ a vector bundle which is trivialized by a proper and flat map is essentially finite. Read More

Observations of solar wind turbulence indicate the existence of multi-scale pressure-balanced structures (PBSs) in the solar wind. In this work, we conduct a numerical simulation to investigate multi-scale PBSs and in particular their formation in compressive MHD turbulence. By the use of a higher order Godunov code Athena,a driven compressible turbulence with an imposed uniform guide field is simulated. Read More

In this paper, we explore the similarity between normal homogeneity and $\delta$-homogeneity in Finsler geometry. They are both non-negatively curved Finsler spaces. We show that any connected $\delta$-homogeneous Finsler space is $G$-$\delta$-homo-geneous, for some suitably chosen connected quasi-compact $G$. Read More

In this paper, we address the multi-view subspace clustering problem. Our method utilizes the circulant algebra for tensor, which is constructed by stacking the subspace representation matrices of different views and then rotating, to capture the low rank tensor subspace so that the refinement of the view-specific subspaces can be achieved, as well as the high order correlations underlying multi-view data can be explored.} By introducing a recently proposed tensor factorization, namely tensor-Singular Value Decomposition (t-SVD) \cite{kilmer13}, we can impose a new type of low-rank tensor constraint on the rotated tensor to capture the complementary information from multiple views. Read More

In this paper, we prove abundance for non-uniruled 3-folds with non-trivial Albanese maps, over an algebraically closed field of characteristic $p > 5$. As an application we get a characterization of abelian 3-folds. Read More

This study aims to unravel the mechanism of colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) observed in n-type HgCr$_2$Se$_4$, in which low-density conduction electrons are exchange-coupled to a three-dimensional Heisenberg ferromagnet with a Curie temperature $T_C\approx$ 105 K. Near room temperature the electron transport exhibits an ordinary semiconducting behavior. As temperature drops below $T^*\simeq2. Read More

Let $f:X\to Y$ be a fibration from a smooth projective 3-fold to a smooth projective curve, over an algebraically closed field $k$ of characteristic $p >5$. We prove that if the generic fiber $X_{\eta}$ has big canonical divisor $K_{X_{\eta}}$, then $$\kappa(X)\ge\kappa(Y) + \kappa(X_{\eta}).$$ Read More

For all rank two Toda systems with an arbitrary singular source, we use a unified approach to prove: (i) The pair of local masses $(\sigma_1,\sigma_2)$ at each blowup point has the expression $$\sigma_i=2(N_{i1}\mu_1+N_{i2}\mu_2+N_{i3}),$$ where $N_{ij}\in\mathbb{Z},~i=1,2,~j=1,2,3.$ (ii) Suppose at each vortex point $p_t$, $(\alpha_1^t,\alpha_2^t)$ are integers and $\rho_i\notin 4\pi\mathbb{N}$, then all the solutions of Toda systems are uniformly bounded. (iii) If the blow up point $q$ is not a vortex point, then $$u^k(x)+2\log|x-x^k|\leq C,$$ where $x^k$ is the local maximum point of $u^k$ near $q$. Read More

The asymmetric electron dispersion in type-II Weyl semimetal theoretically hosts anisotropic transport properties. Here we observe the significant anisotropic Adler-Bell-Jackiw (ABJ) anomaly in the Fermi-level delicately adjusted WTe$_{1.98}$ crystals. Read More

Discriminative model learning for image denoising has been recently attracting considerable attentions due to its favorable denoising performance. In this paper, we take one step forward by investigating the construction of feed-forward denoising convolutional neural networks (DnCNNs) to embrace the progress in very deep architecture, learning algorithm, and regularization method into image denoising. Specifically, residual learning and batch normalization are utilized to speed up the training process as well as boost the denoising performance. Read More

In this paper, we design a benchmark task and provide the associated datasets for recognizing face images and link them to corresponding entity keys in a knowledge base. More specifically, we propose a benchmark task to recognize one million celebrities from their face images, by using all the possibly collected face images of this individual on the web as training data. The rich information provided by the knowledge base helps to conduct disambiguation and improve the recognition accuracy, and contributes to various real-world applications, such as image captioning and news video analysis. Read More

Implicit schemes are popular methods for the integration of time dependent PDEs such as hyperbolic and parabolic PDEs. However the necessity to solve corresponding linear systems at each time step constitutes a complexity bottleneck in their application to PDEs with rough coefficients. We present a generalization of gamblets introduced in arXiv:1503. Read More

A generalized Krein-Rutman theorem for a strongly positive bounded linear operator whose spectral radius is larger than essential spectral radius is established: the spectral radius of the operator is an algebraically simple eigenvalue with strongly positive eigenvector and other eigenvalues are less than the spectral radius. Read More

In this paper we extend the generalized algebraic fundamental group constructed by Esnault and Hogadi to general fibered categories using the language of gerbes. As an application we obtain a Tannakian interpretation for the Nori fundamental gerbe defined by Borne and Vistoli for non smooth non pseudo-proper algebraic stacks. Read More

We propose two variants of staircase codes that resolve the issue of parity-propagation in their encoding process. The proposed codes provide a systematic way of terminating a staircase code after an arbitrary number of blocks. The class of feed-forward staircase codes are introduced, which uses a self-protection technique to avoid parity-propagation. Read More

Single crystals of undoped CaFe2As2 were grown by a FeAs self-flux method, and the crystals were quenched in ice-water rapidly after high temperature growth. The quenched crystal undergoes a collapsed tetragonal structural phase transition around 80 K revealed by the temperature dependent X-ray diffraction measurements. Superconductivity below 25 K was observed in the collapsed phase by resistivity and magnetization measurements. Read More

In this paper, we prove that for a fibration $f:X\to Z$ from a smooth projective 3-fold to a smooth projective curve, over an algebraically closed field $k$ with $\mathrm{char} k =p >5$, if the geometric generic fiber $X_{\overline\eta}$ is smooth, then subadditivity of Kodaira dimensions holds, i.e. $$\kappa(X)\ge\kappa(X_{\overline\eta})+\kappa(Z). Read More

Universal filtered multi-carrier (UFMC) systems offer a flexibility of filtering arbitrary number of subcarriers to suppress out of band (OoB) emission, while keeping the orthogonality between subbands and subcarriers within one subband. However, subband filtering may affect system performance and capacity in a number of ways. In this paper, we first propose the conditions for interference-free one-tap equalization and corresponding signal model in the frequency domain for multi-user (MU) UFMC system. Read More

We present an image caption system that addresses new challenges of automatically describing images in the wild. The challenges include high quality caption quality with respect to human judgments, out-of-domain data handling, and low latency required in many applications. Built on top of a state-of-the-art framework, we developed a deep vision model that detects a broad range of visual concepts, an entity recognition model that identifies celebrities and landmarks, and a confidence model for the caption output. Read More

III-Nitride quantum dots have emerged as a new chip-scale system for quantum information science, which combines electrical and optical interfaces on a semiconductor chip that is compatible with non-cryogenic operating temperatures. Yet most work has been limited to optical excitations. To enable single-spin based quantum optical and quantum information research, we demonstrate here quantized charging in optically active, site-controlled III-Nitride quantum dots. Read More

We report single-photon emission from electrically driven site-controlled InGaN/GaN quantum dots, fabricated from a planar light-emitting diode structure containing a single InGaN quantum well using a top-down approach. The location, dimension, and height of each single-photon-emitting diode are controlled lithographically, providing great flexibility for chip-scale integration. Read More

We theoretically investigate the localization mechanism of the quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE) in the presence of spin-flip disorders. We show that the QAHE keeps quantized at weak disorders, then enters a Berry-curvature mediated metallic phase at moderate disorders, and finally goes into the Anderson insulating phase at strong disorders. From the phase diagram, we find that at the charge neutrality point although the QAHE is most robust against disorders, the corresponding metallic phase is much easier to be localized into the Anderson insulating phase due to the \textit{interchange} of Berry curvatures carried respectively by the conduction and valence bands. Read More

In this paper, we will study subadditivity of Kodaira dimensions in positive characteristics. We prove that for a separable fibration $f: X\rightarrow Y$ from a smooth projective three-fold to a smooth projective surface or a curve, over an algebraically closed field $k$ with $\mathrm{char} k > 5$, if $Y$ is of general type and $S^0(X_{\bar{\eta}}, lK_{X_{\bar{\eta}}}) \neq 0$ for some positive integer $l$ where $X_{\bar{\eta}}$ denotes the geometric generic fiber, then $$\kappa(X) \geq \kappa(Y) + \kappa(X_{\bar{\eta}}, K_{X_{\bar{\eta}}})$$ under certain technical assumptions. We also get some general results under nefness and relative semi-ampleness conditions. Read More

Sampling and budgeting training examples are two essential factors in tracking algorithms based on support vector machines (SVMs) as a trade-off between accuracy and efficiency. Recently, the circulant matrix formed by dense sampling of translated image patches has been utilized in correlation filters for fast tracking. In this paper, we derive an equivalent formulation of a SVM model with circulant matrix expression and present an efficient alternating optimization method for visual tracking. Read More

Quasi-periodic disturbances of emission-line parameters are frequently observed in the corona. These disturbances propagate upward along the magnetic field with speeds $\sim100~\rm{km~s}^{-1}$. This phenomenon has been interpreted as evidence of the propagation of slow magnetosonic waves or argued to be signature of the intermittent outflows superposed on the background plasmas. Read More

In the solar atmosphere, jets are prevalent and they are significant for the mass and energy transport. Here we conduct numerical simulations to investigate the mass and energy contributions of the recently observed high-speed jets to the solar wind. With a one-dimensional hydrodynamic solar wind model, the time-dependent pulses are imposed at the bottom to simulate the jets. Read More

In the solar atmosphere, the jets are ubiquitous and found to be at various spatia-temporal scales. They are significant to understand energy and mass transport in the solar atmosphere. Recently, the high-speed transition region jets are reported from the observation. Read More

Understanding human activity is very challenging even with the recently developed 3D/depth sensors. To solve this problem, this work investigates a novel deep structured model, which adaptively decomposes an activity instance into temporal parts using the convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Our model advances the traditional deep learning approaches in two aspects. Read More