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In this work, we study optical self-focusing that leads to collapse events for the time-independent model of co-propagating beams with different wavelengths. We show that collapse events depend on the combined critical power of two beams for both fundamental, vortex and mixed configurations as well as on the ratio of their individual powers. Read More

Intracavity Phase Interferometry is a phase sensing technique using mode-locked lasers in which two intracavity pulses circulate. The beat frequency between the two output frequency combs is proportional to a phase shift to be measured. A laser gyro is a particular implementation of this device. Read More

Broadband laser sources based on supercontinuum generation by femtosecond laser filamentation have enabled applications from stand-off sensing and spectroscopy to the generation and self-compression of high-energy few-cycle pulses. Filamentation relies on the dynamic balance between self-focusing and plasma defocusing, mediated by the Kerr nonlinearity and multiphoton ionization respectively. The filament properties, including the supercontinuum generation, are therefore highly sensitive to the properties of both the laser source and the propagation medium. Read More