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We present results from a detailed spectral-timing analysis of a long ($\sim486$\ks{}, consisting of four observations each with $\sim120$\ks{}) \xmm{} observation of the bare Seyfert~1 galaxy Ark~120 which showed diminution and increment in 0.3$-$10\keV{} X-ray flux alternatively during 2014 March. We study the energy dependent variability of Ark~120 through broadband X-ray spectroscopy, fractional root mean square (rms) spectral modelling, hardness$-$intensity diagram and flux$-$flux analysis. Read More

We present results from a detailed analysis of our 2016 \xmm{} observation of the narrow-line Seyfert~1 galaxy PG~1404+226 which showed a large-amplitude, rapid X-ray variability by a factor of $\sim8$ in $\sim11$\ks{}. We use this variability event to investigate the origin of the soft X-ray excess emission and the connection between the disk, hot corona and the soft excess emitting region through UV/X-ray cross-correlation, time-resolved spectroscopy and root mean square (rms) spectral modelling. The weakly variable UV emission ($F_{\rm var,UV}$=3. Read More

We perform X-ray/ultraviolet (UV) spectral and X-ray variability studies of the radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 (NLS1) galaxy RX J1633.3+4719 using XMM-Newton and Suzaku observations from 2011 and 2012. The 0. Read More