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Publications Authored By L. Kurchaninov

We have performed a novel comparison between electron-beam polarimeters based on M{\o}ller and Compton scattering. A sequence of electron-beam polarization measurements were performed at low beam currents ($<$ 5 $\mu$A) during the $Q_{\rm weak}$ experiment in Hall C at Jefferson Lab. These low current measurements were bracketed by the regular high current (180 $\mu$A) operation of the Compton polarimeter. Read More

The gravitational interaction of antimatter and matter has never been directly probed. ALPHA-g is a novel experiment that aims to perform the first measurement of the antihydrogen gravitational mass. A fundamental requirement for this new apparatus is a position sensitive particle detector around the antihydrogen trap which provides information about antihydrogen annihilation location. Read More

The PIENU experiment at TRIUMF aims to measure the pion decay branching ratio $R={\Gamma}({\pi}^+{\rightarrow}e^+{\nu}_e({\gamma}))/{\Gamma}({\pi}^+{\rightarrow}{\mu}^+{\nu}_{\mu}({\gamma}))$ with precision $<0.1$% to provide a sensitive test of electron-muon universality in weak interactions. The current status of the PIENU experiment is presented. Read More

We report on the highest precision yet achieved in the measurement of the polarization of a low energy, $\mathcal{O}$(1 GeV), electron beam, accomplished using a new polarimeter based on electron-photon scattering, in Hall~C at Jefferson Lab. A number of technical innovations were necessary, including a novel method for precise control of the laser polarization in a cavity and a novel diamond micro-strip detector which was able to capture most of the spectrum of scattered electrons. The data analysis technique exploited track finding, the high granularity of the detector and its large acceptance. Read More

A new measurement of the branching ratio, $R_{e/\mu} =\Gamma (\pi^+ \rightarrow \mbox{e}^+ \nu + \pi^+ \rightarrow \mbox{e}^+ \nu \gamma)/ \Gamma (\pi^+ \rightarrow \mu^+ \nu + \pi^+ \rightarrow \mu^+ \nu \gamma)$, resulted in $R_{e/\mu}^{exp} = (1.2344 \pm 0.0023 (stat) \pm 0. Read More

The PIENU experiment at TRIUMF is aimed at a measurement of the branching ratio $R^{e/\mu}$ = ${\Gamma\big((\pi^{+} \rightarrow e^{+} \nu_{e}) + (\pi^{+} \rightarrow e^{+} \nu_{e}\gamma)\big)}/{\Gamma\big((\pi^{+} \rightarrow \mu^{+} \nu_{\mu})+(\pi^{+} \rightarrow \mu^{+} \nu_{\mu}\gamma)\big)}$ with precision $<$0.1\%. Incident pions, delivered at the rate of 60 kHz with momentum 75 MeV/c, were degraded and stopped in a plastic scintillator target. Read More

We demonstrate a novel detection method for the cyclotron resonance frequency of an electron plasma in a Penning-Malmberg trap. With this technique, the electron plasma is used as an in situ diagnostic tool for measurement of the static magnetic field and the microwave electric field in the trap. The cyclotron motion of the electron plasma is excited by microwave radiation and the temperature change of the plasma is measured non-destructively by monitoring the plasma's quadrupole mode frequency. Read More

Recently, antihydrogen atoms were trapped at CERN in a magnetic minimum (minimum-B) trap formed by superconducting octupole and mirror magnet coils. The trapped antiatoms were detected by rapidly turning off these magnets, thereby eliminating the magnetic minimum and releasing any antiatoms contained in the trap. Once released, these antiatoms quickly hit the trap wall, whereupon the positrons and antiprotons in the antiatoms annihilated. Read More

The imaging performance of a high-resolution preclinical microPET system employing liquid xenon as the gamma ray detection medium was simulated. The arrangement comprises a ring of detectors consisting of trapezoidal LXe time projection ionization chambers and two arrays of large area avalanche photodiodes for the measurement of ionization charge and scintillation light. A key feature of the LXePET system is the ability to identify individual photon interactions with high energy resolution and high spatial resolution in 3 dimensions and determine the correct interaction sequence using Compton reconstruction algorithms. Read More

The results of treatment of data obtained in the SERP-E-184experiment "Investigation of mechanisms of the production of charmed particles in proton-nucleus interactions at 70 GeV and their decays" by irradiating the active target of the SVD-2 facility consisting of carbon, silicon, and lead plates, are presented. After separating a signal from the two-particle decay of neutral charmed mesons and estimating the cross section for charm production at a threshold energy {\sigma}(c\v{c})=7.1 \pm 2. Read More

Authors: T2K Collaboration, N. Abgrall1, H. Aihara2, Y. Ajima3, J. B. Albert4, D. Allan5, P. -A. Amaudruz6, C. Andreopoulos7, B. Andrieu8, M. D. Anerella9, C. Angelsen10, S. Aoki11, O. Araoka12, J. Argyriades13, A. Ariga14, T. Ariga15, S. Assylbekov16, J. P. A. M. de André17, D. Autiero18, A. Badertscher19, O. Ballester20, M. Barbi21, G. J. Barker22, P. Baron23, G. Barr24, L. Bartoszek25, M. Batkiewicz26, F. Bay27, S. Bentham28, V. Berardi29, B. E. Berger30, H. Berns31, I. Bertram32, M. Besnier33, J. Beucher34, D. Beznosko35, S. Bhadra36, P. Birney37, D. Bishop38, E. Blackmore39, F. d. M. Blaszczyk40, J. Blocki41, A. Blondel42, A. Bodek43, C. Bojechko44, J. Bouchez45, T. Boussuge46, S. B. Boyd47, M. Boyer48, N. Braam49, R. Bradford50, A. Bravar51, K. Briggs52, J. D. Brinson53, C. Bronner54, D. G. Brook-Roberge55, M. Bryant56, N. Buchanan57, H. Budd58, M. Cadabeschi59, R. G. Calland60, D. Calvet61, J. Caravaca Rodríguez62, J. Carroll63, S. L. Cartwright64, A. Carver65, R. 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The T2K experiment is a long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. Its main goal is to measure the last unknown lepton sector mixing angle {\theta}_{13} by observing {\nu}_e appearance in a {\nu}_{\mu} beam. It also aims to make a precision measurement of the known oscillation parameters, {\Delta}m^{2}_{23} and sin^{2} 2{\theta}_{23}, via {\nu}_{\mu} disappearance studies. Read More

Spectroscopy of antihydrogen has the potential to yield high-precision tests of the CPT theorem and shed light on the matter-antimatter imbalance in the Universe. The ALPHA antihydrogen trap at CERN's Antiproton Decelerator aims to prepare a sample of antihydrogen atoms confined in an octupole-based Ioffe trap and to measure the frequency of several atomic transitions. We describe our techniques to directly measure the antiproton temperature and a new technique to cool them to below 10 K. Read More

Affiliations: 1Aarhus University, 2Simon Fraser University, 3University of California, Berkeley, 4Swansea University, 5CERN, CH-1211, 6Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 7Swansea University, 8Swansea University, 9University of California, Berkeley, 10University of Calgary, 11TRIUMF, 12TRIUMF, 13University of British Columbia, 14Aarhus University, 15University of British Columbia, 16University of Tokyo, 17Simon Fraser University, 18Swansea University, 19University of Calgary, 20Stockholm University, 21CERN, CH-1211, 22TRIUMF, 23Swansea University, 24York University, 25University of Liverpool, 26TRIUMF, 27TRIUMF, 28University of Liverpool, 29Aarhus University, 30Auburn University, 31NRCN-Nuclear Research Center Negev, 32RIKEN, 33University of California, Berkeley, 34TRIUMF, 35University of Calgary, 36Swansea University, 37University of California, Berkeley, 38RIKEN

Atoms made of a particle and an antiparticle are unstable, usually surviving less than a microsecond. Antihydrogen, made entirely of antiparticles, is believed to be stable, and it is this longevity that holds the promise of precision studies of matter-antimatter symmetry. We have recently demonstrated trapping of antihydrogen atoms by releasing them after a confinement time of 172 ms. Read More

Affiliations: 1TRIUMF, 2Aarhus University, 3Simon Fraser University, 4University of California, 5Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, 6University of California, 7Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, 8Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 9University of California, 10Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, 11Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 12University of California, 13University of Calgary, 14TRIUMF, 15Aarhus University, 16Univ. of British Columbia, BC, V6T 1Z4, 17University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-0033, 18Simon Fraser University, 19Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, 20University of Calgary, 21Stockholm University, 22TRIUMF, 23Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 24Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, 25York University, 26University of Liverpool, 27TRIUMF, 28TRIUMF, 29University of California, 30University of Liverpool, 31Auburn University, 32NRCN-Nuclear Research Center Negev, 33Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 34University of California, 35TRIUMF, 36University of Calgary, 37Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, 38Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, 39University of California, 40RIKEN

ALPHA is an experiment at CERN, whose ultimate goal is to perform a precise test of CPT symmetry with trapped antihydrogen atoms. After reviewing the motivations, we discuss our recent progress toward the initial goal of stable trapping of antihydrogen, with some emphasis on particle detection techniques. Read More

Neutral pion number N0 distributions for each total number of particles in event Ntot=Nch+N0 are obtained. The scaled variance of neutral pion fluctuations, omega=D/, is measured. The fluctuations increase at Ntot >22. Read More

PET is a functional imaging technique based on detection of annihilation photons following beta decay producing positrons. In this paper, we present the concept of a new PET system for preclinical applications consisting of a ring of twelve time projection chambers filled with liquid xenon viewed by avalanche photodiodes. Simultaneous measurement of ionization charge and scintillation light leads to a significant improvement to spatial resolution, image quality, and sensitivity. Read More

Project Thermalization (Experiment SERP-E-190 at IHEP) is aimed to study the proton - proton interactions at 50 GeV with large number of secondary particles. In this report the experimentally measured topological cross sections are presented taking into account the detector response and procession efficiency. These data are in good agreement with gluon dominance model. Read More

We present the results of an experiment to search for trapped antihydrogen atoms with the ALPHA antihydrogen trap at the CERN Antiproton Decelerator. Sensitive diagnostics of the temperatures, sizes, and densities of the trapped antiproton and positron plasmas have been developed, which in turn permitted development of techniques to precisely and reproducibly control the initial experimental parameters. The use of a position-sensitive annihilation vertex detector, together with the capability of controllably quenching the superconducting magnetic minimum trap, enabled us to carry out a high-sensitivity and low-background search for trapped synthesised antihydrogen atoms. Read More

Affiliations: 1Aarhus University, 2Simon Fraser University, 3University of California at Berkeley, 4Swansea University, 5Aarhus University, 6Swansea University, 7Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 8University of California at Berkeley, 9Swansea University, 10University of California at Berkeley, 11University of Calgary, 127TRIUMF, 137TRIUMF, 14Aarhus University, 15University of British Columbia, 16University of Tokyo, 17Simon Fraser University, 18Swansea University, 19University of Calgary, 20Swansea University, 217TRIUMF, 22Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 23Swansea University, 24York University, 25University of Liverpool, 267TRIUMF, 277TRIUMF, 28University of California at Berkeley, 29University of Liverpool, 30Auburn University, 31NRCN-Nuclear Research Center Negev, 32University of Tokyo, 33University of California at Berkeley, 347TRIUMF, 35University of Calgary, 36Swansea University, 37Swansea University, 38University of California at Berkeley, 39University of Tokyo

We report the application of evaporative cooling to clouds of trapped antiprotons, resulting in plasmas with measured temperature as low as 9~K. We have modeled the evaporation process for charged particles using appropriate rate equations. Good agreement between experiment and theory is observed, permitting prediction of cooling efficiency in future experiments. Read More

In this paper it is shown that a measurement of the relative luminosity changes at the LHC may be obtained by analysing the currents drawn from the high voltage power supplies of the electromagnetic section of the forward calorimeter of the ATLAS detector. The method was verified with a reproduction of a small section of the ATLAS forward calorimeter using proton beams of known beam energies and variable intensities at the U-70 accelerator at IHEP in Protvino, Russia. The experimental setup and the data taking during a test beam run in April 2008 are described in detail. Read More

Using a narrow band positron beam, the response of a large high-resolution NaI(Tl) crystal to an incident positron beam was measured. It was found that nuclear interactions cause the appearance of additional peaks in the low energy tail of the deposited energy spectrum. Read More

Antihydrogen production in a neutral atom trap formed by an octupole-based magnetic field minimum is demonstrated using field-ionization of weakly bound anti-atoms. Using our unique annihilation imaging detector, we correlate antihydrogen detection by imaging and by field-ionization for the first time. We further establish how field-ionization causes radial redistribution of the antiprotons during antihydrogen formation and use this effect for the first simultaneous measurements of strongly and weakly bound antihydrogen atoms. Read More

An extension of the TRIUMF M13 low-energy pion channel designed to suppress positrons based on an energy-loss technique is described. A source of beam channel momentum calibration from the decay pi+ --> e+ nu is also described. Read More

In order to assess the performance of liquid xenon detectors for use in positron emission tomography we studied the scintillation light and ionization charge produced by 511 keV photons in a small prototype detector. Scintillation light was detected with large area avalanche photodiodes while ionization electrons were collected on an anode instrumented with low noise electronics after drifting up to 3 cm. Operational conditions were studied as a function of the electric field. Read More

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A detailed study is presented of the expected performance of the ATLAS detector. The reconstruction of tracks, leptons, photons, missing energy and jets is investigated, together with the performance of b-tagging and the trigger. The physics potential for a variety of interesting physics processes, within the Standard Model and beyond, is examined. Read More

Affiliations: 1the ALPHA Collaboration, 2the ALPHA Collaboration, 3the ALPHA Collaboration, 4the ALPHA Collaboration, 5the ALPHA Collaboration, 6the ALPHA Collaboration, 7the ALPHA Collaboration, 8the ALPHA Collaboration, 9the ALPHA Collaboration, 10the ALPHA Collaboration, 11the ALPHA Collaboration, 12the ALPHA Collaboration, 13the ALPHA Collaboration, 14the ALPHA Collaboration, 15the ALPHA Collaboration, 16the ALPHA Collaboration, 17the ALPHA Collaboration, 18the ALPHA Collaboration, 19the ALPHA Collaboration, 20the ALPHA Collaboration, 21the ALPHA Collaboration, 22the ALPHA Collaboration, 23the ALPHA Collaboration, 24the ALPHA Collaboration, 25the ALPHA Collaboration, 26the ALPHA Collaboration, 27the ALPHA Collaboration, 28the ALPHA Collaboration, 29the ALPHA Collaboration, 30the ALPHA Collaboration, 31the ALPHA Collaboration, 32the ALPHA Collaboration, 33the ALPHA Collaboration, 34the ALPHA Collaboration, 35the ALPHA Collaboration, 36the ALPHA Collaboration, 37the ALPHA Collaboration, 38the ALPHA Collaboration

We report results from a novel diagnostic that probes the outer radial profile of trapped antiproton clouds. The diagnostic allows us to determine the profile by monitoring the time-history of antiproton losses that occur as an octupole field in the antiproton confinement region is increased. We show several examples of how this diagnostic helps us to understand the radial dynamics of antiprotons in normal and nested Penning-Malmberg traps. Read More

Affiliations: 1the ALPHA collaboration, 2the ALPHA collaboration, 3the ALPHA collaboration, 4the ALPHA collaboration, 5the ALPHA collaboration, 6the ALPHA collaboration, 7the ALPHA collaboration, 8the ALPHA collaboration, 9the ALPHA collaboration, 10the ALPHA collaboration, 11the ALPHA collaboration, 12the ALPHA collaboration, 13the ALPHA collaboration, 14the ALPHA collaboration, 15the ALPHA collaboration, 16the ALPHA collaboration, 17the ALPHA collaboration, 18the ALPHA collaboration, 19the ALPHA collaboration, 20the ALPHA collaboration, 21the ALPHA collaboration, 22the ALPHA collaboration, 23the ALPHA collaboration, 24the ALPHA collaboration, 25the ALPHA collaboration, 26the ALPHA collaboration, 27the ALPHA collaboration, 28the ALPHA collaboration, 29the ALPHA collaboration, 30the ALPHA collaboration, 31the ALPHA collaboration, 32the ALPHA collaboration, 33the ALPHA collaboration, 34the ALPHA collaboration

We have demonstrated production of antihydrogen in a 1$,$T solenoidal magnetic field. This field strength is significantly smaller than that used in the first generation experiments ATHENA (3$,$T) and ATRAP (5$,$T). The motivation for using a smaller magnetic field is to facilitate trapping of antihydrogen atoms in a neutral atom trap surrounding the production region. Read More

Control of the radial profile of trapped antiproton clouds is critical to trapping antihydrogen. We report the first detailed measurements of the radial manipulation of antiproton clouds, including areal density compressions by factors as large as ten, by manipulating spatially overlapped electron plasmas. We show detailed measurements of the near-axis antiproton radial profile and its relation to that of the electron plasma. Read More

We discuss aspects of antihydrogen studies, that relate to particle physics ideas and techniques, within the context of the ALPHA experiment at CERN's Antiproton Decelerator facility. We review the fundamental physics motivations for antihydrogen studies, and their potential physics reach. We argue that initial spectroscopy measurements, once antihydrogen is trapped, could provide competitive tests of CPT, possibly probing physics at the Planck Scale. Read More

ALPHA is an international project that has recently begun experimentation at CERN's Antiproton Decelerator (AD) facility. The primary goal of ALPHA is stable trapping of cold antihydrogen atoms with the ultimate goal of precise spectroscopic comparisons with hydrogen. We discuss the status of the ALPHA project and the prospects for antihydrogen trapping. Read More


A full azimuthal phi-wedge of the ATLAS liquid argon end-cap calorimeter has been exposed to beams of electrons, muons and pions in the energy range 6 GeV <= E <= 200 GeV at the CERN SPS. The angular region studied corresponds to the ATLAS impact position around the pseudorapidity interval 1.6 < |eta| < 1. Read More

Mirror matter is a possible dark matter candidate. It is predicted to exist if parity is an unbroken symmetry of the vacuum. The existence of the mirror matter, which in addition to gravity is coupled to our world through photon-mirror photon mixing, would result in orthopositronium (o-Ps) to mirror orthopositronium (o-Ps') oscillations. Read More