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Affiliations: 1U Pittsburgh/PITT PACC, 2U Pittsburgh/PITT PACC, 3U Pittsburgh/PITT PACC, 4RIT/CCRG, 5Yale, 6CfA/Harvard, 7Yale, 8U Pittsburgh/PITT PACC, 9Yale

Dark matter halo clustering depends not only on halo mass, but also on other properties such as concentration and shape. This phenomenon is known broadly as assembly bias. We explore the dependence of assembly bias on halo definition, parametrized by spherical overdensity parameter, $\Delta$. Read More

We utilize ultrafast optical measurement to study the quasiparticle relaxation in stoichiometric LiFeAs and nearly optimally doped (BaK)Fe2As2 crystals. According to our temperature-dependent studies of LiFeAs, we have observed pseudogap-like feature at onset temperature of ~ 55 K, which is above Tc = 15 K. In addition, the onset temperature of pseudogap ~90K was also observed in Ba0. Read More