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Koichi Noguchi
Rice Univ
United States

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We derive analytic formulas for the radiation power output when electrons are accelerated by a relativistic comoving kinetic Poynting flux, and validate these analytic results with Particle-In-Cell simulations. We also derive analytically the critical frequency of the radiation spectrum. Potential astrophysical applications of these results are discussed. Read More

We derive analytic formulas for the power output and critical frequency of radiation by electrons accelerated by relativistic kinetic Poynting flux, and validate these results with Particle-In-Cell plasma simulations. We find that the in-situ radiation power output and critical frequency are much below those predicted by the classical synchrotron formulae. We discuss potential astrophysical applications of these results. Read More

We report the Compton scattering emission from the Poynting flux acceleration of electron- positron plasma simulated by the 2-1/2 dimensional particle-in-cell(PIC) code. We show these and other remarkable properties of Poynting flux acceleration and Compton spectral output, and discuss the agreement with the observed spectra of GRBs and XRFs. Read More

We review recent developments in particle acceleration by Poynting flux using plasma kinetic simulations, and discuss their potential applications to gamma-ray burst phenomenology Read More

Plasma outflows from gamma-ray bursts (GRB), pulsar winds, relativistic jets, and ultra-intense laser targets radiate high energy photons. However, radiation damping is ignored in conventional PIC simulations. In this letter, we study the radiation damping effect on particle acceleration via Poynting fluxes in two-and-half-dimensional particle-in-cell (PIC) plasma simulation of electron-positron plasmas. Read More

Affiliations: 1Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2University of Rochester
Category: Astrophysics

All experiments, which have been proposed so far to model the magnetorotational instability (MRI) in the laboratory, involve a Couette flow of liquid metals in a rotating annulus. All liquid metals have small magnetic Prandtl numbers, Pm, of about 10^{-6} (the ratio of kinematic viscosity to magnetic diffusivity). With plasmas both large and small Pm are achievable by varying the temperature and the density of plasma. Read More