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Publications Authored By Keyou You

This paper studies problems on locally stopping distributed consensus algorithms over networks where each node updates its state by interacting with its neighbors and decides by itself whether certain level of agreement has been achieved among nodes. Since an individual node is unable to access the states of those beyond its neighbors, this problem becomes challenging. In this work, we first define the stopping problem for generic distributed algorithms. Read More

This paper is concerned with a constrained optimization problem over a directed graph (digraph) of nodes, in which the cost function is a sum of local objectives, and each node only knows its local objective and constraints. To collaboratively solve the optimization, most of the existing works require the interaction graph to be balanced or "doubly-stochastic", which is quite restrictive and not necessary as shown in this paper. We focus on an epigraph form of the original optimization to resolve the "unbalanced" problem, and design a novel two-step recursive algorithm with a simple structure. Read More

This paper considers a distributed convex optimization problem with inequality constraints over time-varying unbalanced digraphs, where the cost function is a sum of local objectives, and each node of the graph only knows its local objective and inequality constraints. Although there is a vast literature on distributed optimization, most of them require the graph to be balanced, which is quite restrictive and not necessary. Very recently, the unbalanced problem has been resolved only for either time-invariant graphs or unconstrained optimization. Read More

This paper studies a stochastic extremum seeking method to steer a nonholonomic vehicle to the unknown source of a static spatially distributed filed in a plane. The key challenge lies in the lack of vehicle's position information and the distribution of the scalar field. Different from the existing stochastic strategy that keeps the forward velocity constant and controls only the angular velocity, we design a stochastic extremum seeking controller to regulate both forward and angular velocities simultaneously in this work. Read More

This paper proposes a parallel computing framework to distributedly solve robust convex optimization (RCO) when the constraints are affected by nonlinear uncertainty. To this end, we adopt a scenario approach by randomly sampling the uncertainty set. To facilitate the computational task, instead of using a single centralized processor to obtain a "global solution" of the scenario problem (SP), we resort to {\it multiple parallel processors} that are distributed among different nodes of a network. Read More

This paper is concerned with a binary detection problem over a non-secure network. To satisfy the communication rate constraint and against possible cyber attacks, which are modeled as deceptive signals injected to the network, a likelihood ratio based (LRB) scheduler is designed in the sensor side to smartly select sensor measurements for transmission. By exploring the scheduler, some sensor measurements are successfully retrieved from the attacked data at the decision center. Read More

This paper is concerned with distributed computation of several commonly used centrality measures in complex networks. In particular, we propose deterministic algorithms, which converge in finite time, for the distributed computation of the degree, closeness and betweenness centrality measures in directed graphs. Regarding eigenvector centrality, we consider the PageRank problem as its typical variant, and design distributed randomized algorithms to compute PageRank for both fixed and time-varying graphs. Read More

We consider a three-dimensional problem of steering a nonholonomic vehicle to seek an unknown source of a spatially distributed signal field without any position measurement. In the literature, there exists an extremum seeking-based strategy under a constant forward velocity and tunable pitch and yaw velocities. Obviously, the vehicle with a constant forward velocity may exhibit certain overshoots in the seeking process and can not slow down even it approaches the source. Read More

This paper studies an optimization-based state estimation approach for discrete-time nonlinear systems under bounded process and measurement disturbances. We first introduce a full information estimator (FIE), which is given as a solution to minimize a cost function by using all the available measurements. Then, we prove that the FIE of an incrementally input/output-to-state stable system is robustly globally asymptotically stable under a certain class of cost functions. Read More

A case study of the Singapore road network provides empirical evidence that road pricing can significantly affect commuter trip timing behaviors. In this paper, we propose a model of trip timing decisions that reasonably matches the observed commuters' behaviors. Our model explicitly captures the difference in individuals' sensitivity to price, travel time and early or late arrival at destination. Read More