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Assuming a conjecture on distinct zeros of Dirichlet L-functions we get asymptotic results on the average number of representations of an integer as the sum of two primes in arithmetic progression. On the other hand the existence of good error terms gives information on the the location of zero free regions of L-functions and possible Siegel zeros. Similar results are obtained for an integer in a congruence class expressed as the sum of two primes. Read More

We prove a version of the Bombieri--Vinogradov Theorem with certain products of Gaussian primes as moduli, making use of their special form as polynomial expressions in several variables. Adapting Vaughan's proof of the classical Bombieri--Vinogadov Theorem to this setting, we apply the polynomial large sieve inequality that has been recently proved and which includes recent progress in Vinogradov's mean value theorem due to Parsell et al. From the benefit of these improvements, we obtain an extended range for the variables compared to the range obtained from standard arguments only. Read More

Some mean value theorems in the style of Bombieri-Vinogradov's theorem are discussed. They concern binary and ternary additive problems with primes in arithmetic progressions and short intervals. Nontrivial estimates for some of these mean values are given. Read More

We consider Mertens' function M(x,q,a) in arithmetic progression, Assuming the generalized Riemann hypothesis (GRH), we show an upper bound that is uniform for all moduli which are not too large. For the proof, a former method of K. Soundararajan is extended to L-series. Read More

We give a new bound for the large sieve inequality with power moduli q^k that is uniform in k. The proof uses a new theorem due to T. Wooley from his work on efficient congruencing. Read More

We show that for every fixed $A>0$ and $\theta>0$ there is a $\vartheta=\vartheta(A,\theta)>0$ with the following property. Let $n$ be odd and sufficiently large, and let $Q_{1}=Q_{2}:=n^{\h}(\log n)^{-\vartheta}$ and $Q_{3}:=(\log n)^{\theta}$. Then for all $q_{3}\leq Q_{3}$, all reduced residues $a_{3}$ mod $q_{3}$, almost all $q_{2}\leq Q_{2}$, all admissible residues $a_{2}$ mod $q_{2}$, almost all $q_{1}\leq Q_{1}$ and all admissible residues $a_{1}$ mod $q_{1}$, there exists a representation $n=p_{1}+p_{2}+p_{3}$ with primes $p_{i}\equiv a_{i} (q_{i})$, $i=1,2,3$. Read More

For A,epsilon>0 and any sufficiently large odd n we show that for almost all k up to n^{1/5-epsilon} there exists a representation n=p1+p2+p3 with primes in residue classes b1,b2,b3 mod k for almost all admissible triplets b1,b2,b3 of reduced residues mod k. Read More