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Punjabi University, Patiala, India

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We provide experimental evidence for confinement of water molecules in the pores of hexagonal structure of YPO4 at elevated temperatures upto 600 K using powder neutron diffraction. In order to avoid the large incoherent scattering from the hydrogen, deuterated samples of doped YPO4:Ce-Eu were used for diffraction measurements. The presence of water molecules in the triangular and hexagonal pores in the hexagonal structure was established by detailed simulation of the diffraction pattern and Rietveld refinement of the experimental data. Read More

News reports in media contain records of a wide range of socio-economic and political events in time. Using a publicly available, large digital database of news records, and aggregating them over time, we study the network of ethnic conflicts and human rights violations. Complex network analyses of the events and the involved actors provide important insights on the engaging actors, groups, establishments and sometimes nations, pointing at their long range effect over space and time. Read More

Suppose that Alice and Bob are located in distant laboratories, which are connected by an ideal quantum channel. Suppose further that they share many copies of a quantum state $\rho_{ABE}$, such that Alice possesses the $A$ systems and Bob the $BE$ systems. In our model, there is an identifiable part of Bob's laboratory that is insecure: a third party named Eve has infiltrated Bob's laboratory and gained control of the $E$ systems. Read More

We present the calibration and background model for the Large Area X-ray Proportional Counter (LAXPC) detectors on-board AstroSat. LAXPC instrument has three nominally identical detectors to achieve large collecting area. These detectors are independent of each other and in the event analysis mode, they record the arrival time and energy of each photon that is detected. Read More

Affiliations: 1ARIES Nainital, 2SAO, Russia, 3SAO, Russia, 4Delhi University Delhi, 5ARIES, Nainital, 6INASAN, Russia, 7Delhi University Delhi, 8National Astronomical Observatories, China

The combination of photometry, spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry of the chemically peculiar stars often aims to study the complex physical phenomena such as stellar pulsation, chemical inhomogeneity, magnetic field and their interplay with stellar atmosphere and circumstellar environment. The prime objective of the present study is to determine the atmospheric parameters of a set of Am stars to understand their evolutionary status. Atmospheric abundances and basic parameters are determined using full spectrum fitting technique by comparing the high-resolution spectra to the synthetic spectra. Read More

We demonstrate the existence of an empirical linkage between the nominal financial networks and the underlying economic fundamentals across countries. We construct the nominal return correlation networks from daily data to encapsulate sector-level dynamics and figure the relative importance of the sectors in the nominal network through a measure of centrality and clustering algorithms. The eigenvector centrality robustly identifies the backbone of the minimum spanning tree defined on the return networks as well as the primary cluster in the multidimensional scaling map. Read More

In the framework of complexity theory, which provides a unified framework for natural and social sciences, we study the complex and interesting problem of the internal structure, similarities, and differences between the Mazatec dialects, an endangered Otomanguean language spoken in south-east Mexico. The analysis is based on some databases, which are used to compute linguistic distances between the dialects. The results are interpreted in the light of linguistics as well as statistical considerations and used to infer the history of the development of the observed pattern of diversity. Read More

The efficacy of robust optimization spans a variety of settings with uncertainties bounded in predetermined sets. In many applications, uncertainties are affected by decisions and cannot be modeled with current frameworks. This paper takes a step towards generalizing robust optimization to problems with decision-dependent uncertainties. Read More

In this paper, we introduce the concept of hyperbolic valued random variables, their expectation and moments. We develop the hyperbolic analogue of Binomial and Poisson distributions. We study some of the properties of expectation on the basis of decomposition of a hyperbolic number into idempotent components. Read More

In this article the robustness of tripartite Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) and W states is investigated against Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (i.e. DM) interaction. Read More

45S5 Hench bio-glass (BG) has gained interest in research because of its potential clinical applications. Several studies in-vivo and in-vitro have been in progress to improve bio-integration efficiency of this glass. In present contribution, surface modification of Hench BG has been done employing a femtosecond (fs) laser beam, resulting in increased effective surface area of the sample. Read More

Global scout views have been previously used to reduce interior reconstruction artifacts in high-resolution micro-CT and C-arm systems. However these methods cannot be directly used in the all-important domain of clinical CT. This is because when the CT scan is truncated, the scout views are also truncated. Read More

In this article we review several techniques to extract information from stock market data. We discuss recurrence analysis of time series, decomposition of aggregate correlation matrices to study co-movements in financial data, stock level partial correlations with market indices, multidimensional scaling and minimum spanning tree. We apply these techniques to daily return time series from the Indian stock market. Read More

The hot $\gamma$~Doradus stars have multiple low frequencies characteristic of $\gamma$~Dor or SPB variables, but are located between the red edge of the SPB and the blue edge of the $\gamma$~Dor instability strips where all low-frequency modes are stable in current models of these stars. Though $\delta$~Sct stars also have low frequencies, there is no sign of high frequencies in hot $\gamma$~Dor stars. We obtained spectra to refine the locations of some of these stars in the H-R diagram and conclude that these are, indeed, anomalous pulsating stars. Read More

A brief overview of the models and data analyses of income, wealth, consumption distributions by the physicists, are presented here. It has been found empirically that the distributions of income and wealth possess fairly robust features, like the bulk of both the income and wealth distributions seem to reasonably fit both the log-normal and Gamma distributions, while the tail of the distribution fits well to a power law (as first observed by sociologist Pareto). We also present our recent studies of the unit-level expenditure on consumption across multiple countries and multiple years, where it was found that there exist invariant features of consumption distribution: the bulk is log-normally distributed, followed by a power law tail at the limit. Read More

Ensuring safe and efficient mobility is a critical issue for smart city operators. Increasing safety not only reduces the likelihood of road injuries and fatalities, but also reduces traffic congestion and disruptions caused by accidents, increasing efficiency. While new vehicles are increasingly equipped with semi-automation, the added costs will initially limit the penetration rate of these systems. Read More

Significant performance gains in deep learning coupled with the exponential growth of image and video data on the Internet have resulted in the recent emergence of automated image captioning systems. Ensuring scalability of automated image captioning systems with respect to the ever increasing volume of image and video data is a significant challenge. This paper provides a valuable insight in that the detection of a few significant (top) objects in an image allows one to extract other relevant information such as actions (verbs) in the image. Read More

In the light of contemporary discussions of inter and transdisciplinarity, this paper approaches econophysics and sociophysics to seek a response to the question -- whether these interdisciplinary fields could contribute to physics and economics. Drawing upon the literature on history and philosophy of science, the paper argues that the two way traffic between physics and economics has a long history and this is likely to continue in the future. Read More

We examine the rotational states of a pair of polar $^2\Sigma$ molecules subject to a uniform magnetic field. The electric dipole-dipole interaction between the molecules creates entangled pair-eigenstates of two types. In one type, the Zeeman interaction between the inherently paramagnetic molecules and the magnetic field destroys the entanglement of the pair-eigenstates, whereas in the other type it does not. Read More

Arrays of trapped ultracold molecules represent a promising platform for implementing a universal quantum computer. DeMille has detailed a prototype design based on Stark states of polar $^1\Sigma$ molecules as qubits. Herein, we consider an array of polar $^2\Sigma$ molecules which are, in addition, inherently paramagnetic and whose Hund's case (b) free-rotor states are Bell states. Read More

Context: The full spectrum fitting of stellar spectra against a library of empirical spectra is a well-established approach to measure the atmospheric parameters of FGK stars with a high internal consistency. Extending it towards cooler stars still remains a challenge. Aims: We address this question by improving the interpolator of the MILES (Medium-resolution INT Library of Empirical Spectra) library in the low effective temperature regime (Tefff < 4800 K), and we refine the determination of the parameters of the cool MILES stars. Read More

Violation of a Bell inequality guarantees the existence of quantum correlations in a quantum state. A pure bipartite quantum state, having nonvanishing quantum correlation, always violates a Bell inequality. Such correspondence is absent for multipartite pure quantum states. Read More

In this present paper we study the entanglement dynamics in qubit A-qutrit B pair under x component of Dzyaloshinshkii-Moriya $(D_{x})$ by taking an auxiliary qubit C. Here we consider an entangled qubit-qutrit pair initially prepared in two parameter qubit-qutrit states and one auxiliary qubit prepared in pure state interacts with the qutrit of the pair through DM interaction. We trace away the auxiliary qubit and calculate the reduced dynamics in qubit A-qutrit B pair to study the influence of the state of auxiliary qubit C and $D_{x}$ on entanglement. Read More

This paper presents a method for 3D segmentation of kidneys from patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and severe renal insufficiency, using computed tomography (CT) data. ADPKD severely alters the shape of the kidneys due to non-uniform formation of cysts. As a consequence, fully automatic segmentation of such kidneys is very challenging. Read More

We show that congruent electric, magnetic and non-resonant optical fields acting concurrently on a polar paramagnetic (and polarisable) molecule offer possibilities to both amplify and control the directionality of the ensuing molecular states that surpass those available in double-field combinations or in single fields alone. At the core of these triple-field effects is the lifting of the degeneracy of the projection quantum number $M$ by the magnetic field superimposed on the optical field and a subsequent coupling of the members of the "doubled" (for states with $M \neq 0$) tunneling doublets due to the optical field by even a weak electrostatic field. Read More

In this paper we study the influence of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) interaction on quantum correlations in two qubit Werner states and maximally entangled mixed states (MEMS). We consider our system as a closed system of a qubits pair and one auxiliary qubit which interact with any one of the qubit of the pair through DM interaction. We show that DM interaction, taken along any direction (x or y or z), does not affect two qubit Werner states. Read More

In the present article we investigate the efficacy of Dzyaloshisnhkii-Moriya (DM) interaction to convert the bound entangled states into free entangled states. Here we consider the tripartite hybrid system as a pair of non interacting two qutrits initially prepared in bound entangled states and one auxiliary qubit. The auxiliary qubit interacts with any one of the qutrit of the pair through DM interaction. Read More

We consider a tripartite system of a non-interacting qutrit pair and one enviornmental qutrit which interact with any one of the qutrit of the pair through Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya (DM) interaction. The purpose of this study is to show that DM interaction convert bound entangled states to free entangled states, which are easily distillable. Here we take two qutrit bound entangled states investigated by Jurkowski \textit{et al. Read More

In this paper we define bicomplex Orlicz space with hyperbolic valued Luxemburg norm and discussed some of their properties. We have also partially characterize an integral representation of a $\mathbb{D}$-valued convex function. Further we have shown that the spectrum of the unilateral shift operator on $l^2(\mathbb{BC})$ is the null cone $\mathcal{NC}$. Read More

Keyboard, although a popular medium, is not very convenient as it requires a certain amount of skill for effective usage. A mouse on the other hand requires a good hand-eye co-ordination. Also current computer interfaces also assume a certain level of literacy from the user. Read More

This "Comment" submitted to ADNDT on December 13, 2013 concerns a publication entitled "Atomic Mass Compilation 2012", which appeared in the March 2014 issue of the journal Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables (available online on September 6, 2013). Read More

The Canadian Penning Trap mass spectrometer has made mass measurements of 33 neutron-rich nuclides provided by the new Californium Rare Isotope Breeder Upgrade (CARIBU) facility at Argonne National Laboratory. The studied region includes the 132Sn double shell closure and ranges in Z from In to Cs, with Sn isotopes measured out to A = 135, and the typical measurement precision is at the 100 ppb level or better. The region encompasses a possible major waiting point of the astrophysical r process, and the impact of the masses on the r process is shown through a series of simulations. Read More

In this information technology age, a convenient and user friendly interface is required to operate the computer system on very fast rate. In the human being, speech being a natural mode of communication has potential to being a fast and convenient mode of interaction with computer. Speech recognition will play an important role in taking technology to them. Read More

This paper presents exploration of speech enable operating systems, software, and applications. It begins with a description of how such systems work, and the level of accuracy that can be expected. It explains the applications of speech recognition technology in different areas education, medical, mobile computing, railway reservation, dictation, and web browsing. Read More

Digital watermarking is a technique of embedding pieces of information into digital data such as text, audio, video, and still images that can be detected or extracted later to show authentication about the data. Watermark is hidden information in the image(s) and is so designed that it does not degrade/distort the quality of the image and still keeps the information. Digital watermarking is basically to protect ownership rights and to control of making illicit copies of digital data. Read More

Apriori is one of the key algorithms to generate frequent itemsets. Analyzing frequent itemset is a crucial step in analysing structured data and in finding association relationship between items. This stands as an elementary foundation to supervised learning, which encompasses classifier and feature extraction methods. Read More

Aiming at increasing system simplicity and flexibility, an audio evoked based system was developed by integrating simplified headphone and user-friendly software design. This paper describes a Hindi Speech Actuated Computer Interface for Web search (HSACIWS), which accepts spoken queries in Hindi language and provides the search result on the screen. This system recognizes spoken queries by large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR), retrieves relevant document by text retrieval, and provides the search result on the Web by the integration of the Web and the voice systems. Read More

Operating system is a bridge between system and user. An operating system (OS) is a software program that manages the hardware and software resources of a computer. The OS performs basic tasks, such as controlling and allocating memory, prioritizing the processing of instructions, controlling input and output devices, facilitating networking, and managing files. Read More

The masses of 40 neutron-rich nuclides from Z = 51 to 64 were measured at an average precision of $\delta m/m= 10^{-7}$ using the Canadian Penning Trap mass spectrometer at Argonne National Laboratory. The measurements, of fission fragments from a $^{252}$Cf spontaneous fission source in a helium gas catcher, approach the predicted path of the astrophysical $r$ process. Where overlap exists, this data set is largely consistent with previous measurements from Penning traps, storage rings, and reaction energetics, but large systematic deviations are apparent in $\beta$-endpoint measurements. Read More

The effects of 200-MeV Ag^{+15} ion irradiation on the optical properties of TiO_{2} and SnO_{2} thin films prepared by using the RF magnetron sputtering technique were investigated. These films were characterized by using UV-vis spectroscopy, and with increasing irradiation fluence, the transmittance for the TiO_{2} films was observed to increase systematically while that for SnO_{2} was observed to decrease. Absorption spectra of the irradiated samples showed minor changes in the indirect bandgap from 3. Read More

Using the data from SNO NCD phase, SuperK, Borexino and KamLAND Solar phase, we derive in a model independent way, bounds on the possible components in the solar neutrino flux. We update the limits on the antineutrino ($\bar\nu_x$) flux and sterile ($\nu_s$) component and compare them with the previous results obtained using SNO Salt phase data and data from SuperKamiokande experiments. It is affirmed that the upper bound on $\bar\nu_x$ is independent of the $\nu_s$ component. Read More

Explicit numerical methods based on Lax-Friedrichs and Leap-Frog finite difference approximations are constructed to find the numerical solution of the first-order hyperbolic partial differential equation with point-wise delay or advance, i.e., shift in space. Read More

The sensor nodes in a Wireless Sensor Network are generally constrained with limited power supply. Efficient power management is a must for any sensor network to keep the sensor nodes in the network to be operational for a longer period of time this increasing the lifetime of the sensor network. Hierarchy based routing enables the sensor networks to be deployed in larger areas. Read More

Security concern for a Sensor Networks and level of security desired may differ according to application specific needs where the sensor networks are deployed. Till now, most of the security solutions proposed for sensor networks are layer wise i.e a particular solution is applicable to single layer itself. Read More

The double-beta decay Q values of 130Te, 128Te, and 120Te have been determined from parent-daughter mass differences measured with the Canadian Penning Trap mass spectrometer. The 132Xe-129Xe mass difference, which is precisely known, was also determined to confirm the accuracy of these results. The 130Te Q value was found to be 2527. Read More

The channel capacity theorem for additive white Gaussian noise channel (AWGN), widely known as the Shannon-Hartley Law, expresses the information capacity of a channel bandlimited in the conventional Fourier domain in terms of the signal-to-noise ratio in it. In this letter generalized versions of the Shannon-Hartley Law using the linear canonical transform (LCT) are presented. The channel capacity for AWGN channels is found to be a function of the LCT parameters. Read More

In this paper, we propose an architecture/methodology for making FPGAs suitable for integer as well as variable precision floating point multiplication. The proposed work will of great importance in applications which requires variable precision floating point multiplication such as multi-media processing applications. In the proposed architecture/methodology, we propose the replacement of existing 18x18 bit and 25x18 bit dedicated multipliers in FPGAs with dedicated 24x24 bit and 24x9 bit multipliers, respectively. Read More

IEEE 754r is the ongoing revision to the IEEE 754 floating point standard and a major enhancement to the standard is the addition of decimal format. Furthermore, in the recent years reversible logic has emerged as a promising computing paradigm having its applications in low power CMOS, quantum computing, nanotechnology, and optical computing. The major goal in reversible logic is to minimize the number of reversible gates and garbage outputs. Read More

We investigate two-body Cabibbo-angle enhanced weak decays of charmed baryons into octet baryon and pseudoscalar meson in the current algebra framework with inclusion of the factorization terms which are evaluated using the HQET guided baryonic form factors. We obtain the branching ratios and asymmetry parameters for various Cabibbo-enhanced decays of $\Lambda_c^+$, $\Xi_c^+$ and $\Xi_c^0$ baryons. Sensitivity of the flavor dependence of the spatial wavefunction overlap on the branching ratios and asymmetry parameters is also investigated. Read More

We study two-body weak hadronic decays of \psi and Upsilon employing the factorization scheme. Branching ratios for \psi -> PP/PV and \Upsilon -> PP/PV decays in the Cabibbo-angle-enhanced and Cabibbo-angle-suppressed modes are predicted. Read More