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We report the experimental demonstration of polarization squeezed beam at 795 nm by combing a quadrature squeezed beam with a coherent beam. The quadrature squeezed beam is generated by a degenerate optical parameter amplifier based on a periodically poled KTP (PPKTP) crystal. Stokes parameter squeezing of -3. Read More

A velocity-selective spectroscopy technique for studying the spectra from hot Rydberg gases is presented. This method provides high-resolution measurement of the spectrum interval. Based on this method, the velocity-selective hyperfine splitting of intermediate states is measured, as well as the Doppler-free fine-structure splitting of the Rydberg states via two-photon Rydberg excitation in a room-temperature 133Cs vapor cell. Read More

A 2.8-dB polarization squeezing of the Stokes operator S2 for the rubidium D1 line (795 nm) is achieved, with the lowest squeezing band at an audio frequency of 2.6 kHz. Read More

A ~545 mW single-frequency tunable 520 nm green laser has been demonstrated using a periodically-poled potassium titanyl phosphate (PPKTP) bulk crystal based on single-pass third-harmonic generation (THG) of a 1560 nm laser via single-pass second-harmonic generation (SHG) followed by single-pass sum-frequency generation (SFG). In single-pass SHG, two cascaded periodically-poled magnesium-oxide-doped lithium niobate (PPMgO:LN) crystals were used, and ~3.5 W 780. Read More

We report a novel optical pulse generation method for high-speed wavelength switching of amplified nanosecond (ns) laser pulses resonant to atomic transitions.Under free-running condition, a slave laser diode is blue-detuned with tens of GHz relative to the master laser. A ns pulse chain generated by modulating the continuous-wave master laser with a fiber-pigtailed electro-optical intensity modulator is injected into the slave laser diode to fast switch the slave laser's wavelength back and forth. Read More

We have demonstrated a frequency-stabilized tunable 318.6 nm ultraviolet (UV) laser system for the single-photon 6S1/2 - nP (n = 70 ~ 100) Rydberg excitation of cesium atoms. The 637. Read More

We investigate single cesium (Cs) atom heating owing to the momentum accumulation process induced by the resonant pulsed excitation in a microscopic optical dipole trap formed by a strongly focused 1064 nm laser beam. The heating depends on the trap frequency which restricts the maximum repetition rate of pulsed excitation. We experimentally verify the heating of a single atom and then demonstrate how to suppress it with an optimized pulsed excitation/cooling method. Read More

We demonstrate a high-power narrow-linewidth ultraviolet (UV) laser system at 318.6 nm for direct 6S1/2-nP (n = 70 to 100) Rydberg excitation of cesium atoms. Based on commercial fiber lasers and efficient nonlinear frequency conversion technology, 2. Read More

A continuous-wave Ti:sapphire laser at 795 nm is frequency doubled in a bow-tie type enhancement four-mirror ring cavity with LiB3O5 (LBO), BiB3O6 (BiBO), and periodically polled KTiOPO4 (PPKTP) crystals, respectively. The properties of 397.5 nm ultra-violet (UV) output power, beam quality, stability for these different nonlinear crystals are investigated and compared. Read More

We report on efficient generation of second harmonic laser and single-mode vacuum squeezed light of 795 nm with periodically poled KTiOPO4 (PPKTP) crystals. We achieved 111 mW of ultra-violet (UV) light at 397.5 nm from 191 mW of fundamental light with a PPKTP crystal in a doubling cavity, corresponding to a conversion efficiency of 58. Read More

An 852nm nanosecond laser pulse chain with a high on/off ratio is generated by chopping a continuous-wave laser beam using a Mach-Zehnder-type electro-optic intensity modulator(MZ-EOIM). The detailed dependence of the MZ-EOIM's on/off ratio on various parameters is characterized. By optimizing the incident beam polarization and stabilizing the MZ-EOIM temperature, a static on/off ratio of 12600:1 is achieved. Read More

We report the generation of narrow-linewidth 637.2 nm laser by single-pass sum-frequency generation (SFG) of two infrared lasers at 1560.5 nm and 1076. Read More

A novel cesium (Cs) two-color magneto-optical trap (TC-MOT), which partially employs the optical radiation forces due to photon scattering of the 6P3/2 (F'=5) - 7S1/2 (F"=4) excited-state transition in the Cs 6S1/2 - 6P3/2 - 7S1/2 (852 + 1470 nm) ladder-type system, has been proposed and experimentally investigated. One of the three pairs of 852 nm cooling/trapping beams (CTBs) in a conventional Cs MOT is replaced with a pair of the 1470 nm CTBs (type-I) or with one 852 nm CTB plus another counter-propagating 1470 nm CTB (type-II). Both the type-I and type-II Cs TC-MOTs can cool and trap atoms on both the red- and blue-detuning sides of the two-photon resonance. Read More

We report the hyperfine splitting (HFS) measurement of cesium (Cs) 7S1/2 state by optical-optical double-resonance spectroscopy in the 6S1/2-6P3/2-7S1/2 (852 nm + 1470 nm) ladder-type system. The HFS frequency calibration is performed by employing a phase-type waveguide electro-optic modulator together with a stable confocal Fabry-Perot cavity. From the measured HFS between F"= 3 and F"= 4 manifolds of Cs 7S1/2 state [HFS = 2183. Read More

We demonstrate the trajectory measurement of the single neutral atoms deterministically using a high-finesse optical micro-cavity. Single atom strongly couples to the high-order transverse vacuum TEM_{10} mode, instead of the usual TEM_{00} mode, and the parameter of the system is (g_{10},\kappa ,\gamma )=2\pi \times (20.5,2. Read More

Thanks to the atomic coherence in coupling laser driven atomic system, sub-Doppler absorption has been observed in Doppler-broadened cesium vapor cell via the /Lambda-type three-level scheme. The linewidth of the sub-Doppler absorption peak become narrower while the frequency detuning of coupling laser increases. The results are in agreement with the theoretical prediction by G. Read More

We present experimental results on the two-body loss rates in a magneto-optical trap of metastable helium atoms. Absolute rates are measured in a systematic way for several laser detunings ranging from -5 to -30 MHz and at different intensities, by monitoring the decay of the trap fluorescence. The dependence of the two-body loss rate coefficient $\beta$ on the excited state ($2^3P_2$) and metastable state ($2^3S_1$) populations is also investigated. Read More

This article presents a new experiment aiming at BEC of metastable helium atoms. It describes the design of a high flux discharge source of atoms and a robust laser system using a DBR diode coupled with a high power Yb doped fiber amplifier for manipulating the beam of metastable atoms. The atoms are trapped in a small quartz cell in an extreme high vacuum. Read More

We have observed a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a dilute gas of $^4$He in the $2^3S_1$ metastable state. We find a critical temperature of $(4.7\pm0. Read More