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A novel approach towards the spectral analysis of stationary random bivariate signals is proposed. Using the Quaternion Fourier Transform, we introduce a quaternion-valued spectral representation of random bivariate signals seen as complex-valued sequences. This makes possible the definition of a scalar quaternion-valued spectral density for bivariate signals. Read More

Many phenomena are described by bivariate signals or bidimensional vectors in applications ranging from radar to EEG, optics and oceanography. The time-frequency analysis of bivariate signals is usually carried out by analyzing two separate quantities, e.g. Read More

In 3D single particle imaging with X-ray free-electron lasers, particle orientation is not recorded during measurement but is instead recovered as a necessary step in the reconstruction of a 3D image from the diffraction data. Here we use harmonic analysis on the sphere to cleanly separate the angu- lar and radial degrees of freedom of this problem, providing new opportunities to efficiently use data and computational resources. We develop the Expansion-Maximization-Compression algorithm into a shell-by-shell approach and implement an angular bandwidth limit that can be gradually raised during the reconstruction. Read More

This paper considers the problem of estimating probability density functions on the rotation group $SO(3)$. Two distinct approaches are proposed, one based on characteristic functions and the other on wavelets using the heat kernel. Expressions are derived for their Mean Integrated Squared Errors. Read More