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Jorge Yago Fernandez
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz
United States

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High Energy Physics - Experiment (1)
Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (1)
Mathematics - Dynamical Systems (1)

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We study in this paper several properties concerning singularities of foliations in $(\mathbb{C}^3,\mathbf{0})$ that are pull-back of dicritical foliations in $(\mathbb{C}^2,\mathbf{0})$. Particularly, we will investigate the existence of first integrals (holomorphic and meromorphic) and the dicriticalness of such a foliation. In the study of meromorphic first integrals we follow the same method used by R. Read More

Many of the services a smart city can provide to its citizens rely on the ability of its infrastructure to collect and process in real time vast amounts of continuous data that sensors deployed through the city produce. In this paper we present the server infrastructure we have designed in the context of the HERMES project to collect the data from sensors and aggregate it in streams for their use in services of the smart city. Read More

We present the measurements of the leptonic asymmetries in $Z^0$ decays measured by the SLD experiment at SLAC. A data sample of approximately 550,000 $Z^0$ bosons are used for the preliminary measurement of $A_{LR}(A_{e})$ and the leptonic final state measurements of $A_{e}$, $A_{\mu}$ and $A_{\tau}$, representing the entire set of 1992-1998 SLD runs. When combining all results, a preliminary value for the effective weak mixing angle is obtained: ${\sin}^2{\theta}_{W}^{eff} = 0. Read More