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The variational quantum eigensolver (VQE) algorithm combines the ability of quantum computers to efficiently compute expectations values with a classical optimization routine in order to approximate ground state energies of quantum systems. In this paper, we study the application of VQE to the simulation of molecular energies using the unitary coupled cluster (UCC) ansatz. We introduce new strategies to reduce the circuit depth for the implementation of UCC and improve the optimization of the wavefunction based on efficient classical approximations of the cluster amplitudes. Read More

Classical autoencoders are neural networks that can learn efficient low dimensional representations of data in higher dimensional space. The task of an autoencoder is, given an input $x$, is to map $x$ to a lower dimensional point $y$ such that $x$ can likely be recovered from $y$. The structure of the underlying autoencoder network can be chosen to represent the data on a smaller dimension, effectively compressing the input. Read More

Many quantum algorithms have daunting resource requirements when compared to what is available today. To address this discrepancy, a quantum-classical hybrid optimization scheme known as "the quantum variational eigensolver" was developed with the philosophy that even minimal quantum resources could be made useful when used in conjunction with classical routines. In this work we extend the general theory of this algorithm and suggest algorithmic improvements for practical implementations. Read More