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Prior distributions for Bayesian inference that rely on the $l_1$-norm of the parameters are of considerable interest, in part because they promote parameter fields with less regularity than Gaussian priors (e.g., discontinuities and blockiness). Read More

Many inverse problems arising in applications come from continuum models where the unknown parameter is a field. In practice the unknown field is discretized resulting in a problem in $\mathbb{R}^N$, with an understanding that refining the discretization, that is increasing $N$, will often be desirable. In the context of Bayesian inversion this situation suggests the importance of two issues: (i) defining hyper-parameters in such a way that they are interpretable in the continuum limit $N \to \infty$ and so that their values may be compared between different discretization levels; (ii) understanding the efficiency of algorithms for probing the posterior distribution, as a function of large $N. Read More