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For many movement disorders, such as Parkinson's and ataxia, disease progression is usually assessed visually by a clinician according to a numerical rating scale, or using questionnaires. These tests are subjective, time-consuming, and must be administered by a professional. We present an automated method for quantifying the severity of motion impairment in patients with ataxia, using only video recordings. Read More

Thanks to the rise of wearable and connected devices, sensor-generated time series comprise a large and growing fraction of the world's data. Unfortunately, extracting value from this data can be challenging, since sensors report low-level signals (e.g. Read More

Voice disorders affect an estimated 14 million working-aged Americans, and many more worldwide. We present the first large scale study of vocal misuse based on long-term ambulatory data collected by an accelerometer placed on the neck. We investigate an unsupervised data mining approach to uncovering latent information about voice misuse. Read More

In many domains such as medicine, training data is in short supply. In such cases, external knowledge is often helpful in building predictive models. We propose a novel method to incorporate publicly available domain expertise to build accurate models. Read More