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A conjecture connected with quantum physics led N. Katz to discover some amazing mixed character sum identities over a field of q elements, where q is a power of a prime p > 3. His proof required deep algebro-geometric techniques, and he expressed interest in finding a more straightforward direct proof. Read More

Background: Octupole-deformed nuclei, such as that of $^{225}$Ra, are expected to amplify observable atomic electric dipole moments (EDMs) that arise from time-reversal and parity-violating interactions in the nuclear medium. In 2015, we reported the first "proof-of-principle" measurement of the $^{225}$Ra atomic EDM. Purpose: This work reports on the first of several experimental upgrades to improve the statistical sensitivity of our $^{225}$Ra EDM measurements by orders of magnitude and evaluates systematic effects that contribute to current and future levels of experimental sensitivity. Read More

In 1984, the second author conjectured a quadratic transformation formula which relates two hypergeometric 2F1 functions over a finite field F_q. We prove this conjecture and give an application. The proof depends on a new linear transformation formula for pseudo hypergeometric functions over F_q. Read More