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Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (3)
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Mathematics - Number Theory (1)
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We investigate a special case of hereditary property that we refer to as {\em robustness}. A property is {\em robust} in a given graph if it is inherited by all connected spanning subgraphs of this graph. We motivate this definition in different contexts, showing that it plays a central role in highly dynamic networks, although the problem is defined in terms of classical (static) graph theory. Read More

We consider networks of processes which interact with beeps. In the basic model defined by Cornejo and Kuhn (2010), processes can choose in each round either to beep or to listen. Those who beep are unable to detect simultaneous beeps. Read More

Leader election is, together with consensus, one of the most central problems in distributed computing. This paper presents a distributed algorithm, called \STT, for electing deterministically a leader in an arbitrary network, assuming processors have unique identifiers of size $O(\log n)$, where $n$ is the number of processors. It elects a leader in $O(D +\log n)$ rounds, where $D$ is the diameter of the network, with messages of size $O(1)$. Read More

We consider lower bounds on the number of spanning trees of connected graphs with degree bounded by $d$. The question is of interest because such bounds may improve the analysis of the improvement produced by memorisation in the runtime of exponential algorithms. The value of interest is the constant $\beta_d$ such that all connected graphs with degree bounded by $d$ have at least $\beta_d^\mu$ spanning trees where $\mu$ is the cyclomatic number or excess of the graph, namely $m-n+1$. Read More

This article could be called "theme and variations" on Cantor's celebrated diagonal argument. Given a square nxn tableau T=(a_i^j) on a finite alphabet A, let L be the set of its row-words. The permanent Perm(T) is the set of words a_{\pi(1)}^1 a_{\pi(2)}^2 . Read More

It is well-known that the question of whether a given finite region can be tiled with a given set of tiles is NP-complete. We show that the same is true for the right tromino and square tetromino on the square lattice, or for the right tromino alone. In the process, we show that Monotone 1-in-3 Satisfiability is NP-complete for planar cubic graphs. Read More