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Coincidence and time-of-flight measurement techniques are employed to tag fission neutrons emitted from a 252Cf source sealed on one side with a very thin layer of Au. The source is positioned within a gaseous 4He scintillator detector. Together with alpha particles, both light and heavy fission fragments pass through the thin layer of Au and are detected. Read More

Untagged gamma-ray and tagged-neutron yields from 241AmBe and 238PuBe mixed-field sources have been measured. Gamma-ray spectroscopy measurements from 1 - 5 MeV were performed in an open environment using a CeBr3 detector and the same experimental conditions for both sources. The shapes of the distributions are very similar and agree well with previous data. Read More

Differential cross sections for elastic scattering of photons from the deuteron have recently been measured at the Tagged-Photon Facility at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden. These first new measurements in more than a decade further constrain the isoscalar electromagnetic polarizabilities of the nucleon and provide the first-ever results above 100 MeV, where the sensitivity to the polarizabilities is increased. We add 23 points between 70 and 112 MeV, at angles 60deg, 120deg and 150deg. Read More

This paper describes a helical deflector to perform circular sweeps of keV electrons by means of radio frequency fields in a frequency range 500-1000 MHz. By converting the time dependence of incident electrons to a hit position dependence on a circle, this device can potentially achieve extremely precise timing. The system can be adjusted to the velocity of the electrons to exclude the reduction of deflection sensitivity due to finite transit time effects. Read More