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Since galaxy clusters sit at the high-end of the mass function, the number of galaxy clusters both massive and concentrated enough to yield particularly large Einstein radii poses useful constraints on cosmological and structure formation models. To date, less than a handful of clusters are known to have Einstein radii exceeding $\sim40$" (for a source at $z_{s}\simeq2$, nominally). Here, we report an addition to that list of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich (SZ) selected cluster, PLCK G287. Read More

We present the largest M31 near-infrared (F110W (close to J band), F160W (H band)) Cepheid sample so far. The sample consists of 371 Cepheids with photometry obtained from the HST PHAT program. The sample of 319 fundamental mode Cepheids, 16 first overtone Cepheids and 36 type II Cepheids, was identified using the median absolute deviation (MAD) outlier rejection method we develop here. Read More

The Wide Field Camera Transit Survey is a pioneer program aimed to search for extra-solar planets in the near-infrared. The standard data reduction pipeline of the program uses aperture photometry to construct the light curves. We alternatively apply the difference imaging method for the most complete field in the survey and carry out a quantitative comparison between the photometric precision of both methods for objects with J<18. Read More

We present a sample of Cepheid variable stars towards M31 based on the first year of regular M31 observations of the PS1 survey in the r_P1 and i_P1 filters. We describe the selection procedure for Cepheid variable stars from the overall variable source sample and develop an automatic classification scheme using Fourier decomposition and the location of the instability strip. We find 1440 fundamental mode (classical \delta) Cep stars, 126 Cepheids in the first overtone mode, and 147 belonging to the Population II types. Read More

Ground-based simultaneous multiband transit observations allow an accurate system parameters determination and may lead to the detection and characterization of additional bodies via the transit timing variations (TTVs) method. We aimed to (i) characterize the heavily bloated WASP-4b hot Jupiter and its star by measuring system parameters and the dependence of the planetary radius as a function of four (Sloan g', r', i', z') wavelengths and (ii) search for TTVs. We recorded 987 images during three complete transits with the GROND instrument, mounted on the MPG/ESO-2. Read More