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A new release of the Monte Carlo event generator Herwig (version 7.1) is now available. This version introduces a number of improvements, notably: multi-jet merging with the dipole shower at LO and NLO QCD; a new model for soft interactions and diffraction; improvements to mass effects and top decays in the dipole shower, as well as a new tune of the hadronisation parameters. Read More

We present an algorithm to combine multiple matrix elements at LO and NLO with a parton shower. We build on the unitarized merging paradigm. The inclusion of higher orders and multiplicities reduce the scale uncertainties for observables sensitive to hard emissions, while preserving the features of inclusive quantities. Read More

Higher order calculations are necessary to predict and describe measurements in high energy collider physics. In recent years multiple approaches to combine multiple next-to-leading (NLO) order corrections with parton showers had been presented. We present on recent developments and future perspective. Read More

We report on the possibility of reweighting parton-shower Monte Carlo predictions for scale variations in the parton-shower algorithm. The method is based on a generalization of the Sudakov veto algorithm. We demonstrate the feasibility of this approach using example physical distributions. Read More

We perform a detailed study of the sources of perturbative uncertainty in parton shower predictions within the Herwig 7 event generator. We benchmark two rather different parton shower algorithms, based on angular-ordered and dipole-type evolution, against each other. We deliberately choose leading order plus parton shower as the benchmark setting to identify a controllable set of uncertainties. Read More

We calculate the process $pp\to W^+W^-\to e^+ \nu_e \mu^-\bar{\nu}_\mu$ at NLO QCD, including also effective field theory (EFT) operators mediating the $ggW^+W^-$ interaction, which first occur at dimension eight. We further combine the NLO and EFT matrix elements produced by GoSam with the HERWIG7/MATCHBOX framework, which offers the possibility to study the impact of a parton shower. We assess the effects of the anomalous couplings by comparing them to top-mass effects as well as uncertainties related to variations of the renormalisation, factorisation and hard shower scales. Read More

With the advent and recent extension of the BLHA standard to interface Monte Carlo event generators and one-loop matrix element providers, the Herwig++ event generator has expanded its range of applicability to a multitude of underlying hard processes at NLO QCD. The new NLO development is centered around the Matchbox framework, which turns fixed NLO QCD calculations into parton shower matched calculations - to be matched to the two parton shower variants of Herwig++. Matchbox provides thereby for the automated setup of the underlying fixed NLO QCD calculations and the interface to the one-loop matrix element providers, as well as for an efficient and automated multi-channel phase space sampling, and forms the basis for the NLO capabilities of the new release of Herwig++. Read More

A major new release of the Monte Carlo event generator Herwig++ (version 3.0) is now available. This release marks the end of distinguishing Herwig++ and HERWIG development and therefore constitutes the first major release of version 7 of the Herwig event generator family. Read More