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In the paper, we present a high order fast algorithm with almost optimum memory for the Caputo fractional derivative, which can be expressed as a convolution of $u'(t)$ with the kernel $(t_n-t)^{-\alpha}$. In the fast algorithm, the interval $[0,t_{n-1}]$ is split into nonuniform subintervals. The number of the subintervals is in the order of $\log n$ at the $n$-th time step. Read More

In this paper, we consider the initial-boundary value problem for the time-dependent Maxwell--Schr\"{o}dinger equations in the Coulomb gauge. We first prove the global existence of weak solutions to the equations. Next we propose an energy-conserving fully discrete finite element scheme for the system and prove the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the discrete system. Read More

In this paper, we present a parallel numerical algorithm for solving the phase field crystal equation. In the algorithm, a semi-implicit finite difference scheme is derived based on the discrete variational derivative method. Theoretical analysis is provided to show that the scheme is unconditionally energy stable and can achieve second-order accuracy in both space and time. Read More