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The edit distance under the DCJ model can be computed in linear time for genomes with equal content or with Indels. But it becomes NP-Hard in the presence of duplications, a problem largely unsolved especially when Indels are considered. In this paper, we compare two mainstream methods to deal with duplications and associate them with Indels: one by deletion, namely DCJ-Indel-Exemplar distance; versus the other by gene matching, namely DCJ-Indel-Matching distance. Read More

Background: It is necessary and essential to discovery protein function from the novel primary sequences. Wet lab experimental procedures are not only time-consuming, but also costly, so predicting protein structure and function reliably based only on amino acid sequence has significant value. TATA-binding protein (TBP) is a kind of DNA binding protein, which plays a key role in the transcription regulation. Read More

The graph exploration problem is to visit all the nodes of a connected graph by a mobile entity, e.g., a robot. Read More