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Jiayong Zhang

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Physics - Materials Science (2)
Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect (1)

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Electronic and topological properties of MoS2 monolayers endowed with 3d transition metal (TM) adatoms (V-Fe) are explored by using ab initio methods and k.p models. Without the consideration of the Hubbard U interaction, the V, Cr, and Fe adatoms tend to locate on the top of the Mo atoms, while the most stable site for the Mn atom is at the hollow position of the Mo-S hexagon. Read More

A novel topological insulator with tunable edge states, called quantum spin-quantum anomalous Hall (QSQAH) insulator, is predicted in a heterostructure of a hydrogenated Sb (SbH) monolayer on a LaFeO3 substrate by using ab initio methods. The substrate induces a drastic staggered exchange field in the SbH film, which plays an important role to generate the QSQAH effect. A topologically nontrivial band gap (up to 35 meV) is opened by Rashba spin-orbit coupling, which can be enlarged by strain and electric field. Read More