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Coordinated multipoint (CoMP) communications are considered for the fifth-generation (5G) small cell networks as a tool to improve the high data rates and the cell-edge throughput. The average achievable rates of the small-cell base stations (SBS) cooperation strategies with distance and received signal power constraints are respectively derived for the fractal small-cell networks based on the anisotropic path loss model. Simulation results are presented to show that the average achievable rate with the received signal power constraint is larger than the rate with a distance constraint considering the same number of cooperative SBSs. Read More

When small cells are densely deployed in the fifth generation (5G) cellular networks, the base stations (BSs) switch-off strategy is an effective approach for saving energy consumption considering changes of traffic load. In general, the loss of coverage efficiency is an inevitable cost for cellular networks adopting BSs switch-off strategies. Based on the BSs switch-off strategy, an optimized energy density efficiency of hard core point process (HCPP) small cell networks is proposed to trade off the energy and coverage efficiency. Read More

With the anticipated increase in the number of low power base stations (BSs) deployed in small cell networks, blockage effects becoming more sensitive on wireless transmissions over high spectrums, variable propagation fading scenarios make it hard to describe coverage of small cell networks. In this paper, we propose a dual-directional path loss model cooperating with Line-of-Sight (LoS) and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) transmissions for the fifth generation (5G) fractal small cell networks. Based on the proposed path loss model, a LoS transmission probability is derived as a function of the coordinate azimuth of the BS and the distance between the mobile user (MU) and the BS. Read More

With the seamless coverage of wireless cellular networks in modern society, it is interesting to consider the shape of wireless cellular coverage. Is the shape a regular hexagon, an irregular polygon, or another complex geometrical shape? Based on fractal theory, the statistical characteristic of the wireless cellular coverage boundary is determined by the measured wireless cellular data collected from Shanghai, China. The measured results indicate that the wireless cellular coverage boundary presents an extremely irregular geometrical shape, which is also called a statistical fractal shape. Read More

It is important to assess the effect of transmit power allocation schemes on the energy consumption on random cellular networks. The energy efficiency of 5G green cellular networks with average and water-filling power allocation schemes is studied in this paper. Based on the proposed interference and achievable rate model, an energy efficiency model is proposed for MIMO random cellular networks. Read More

For testing the independence of two vectors with respective dimensions $p_1$ and $p_2$, the existing literature in high-dimensional statistics all assume that both dimensions $p_1$ and $p_2$ grow to infinity with the sample size. However, as evidenced in the RNA-sequencing data analysis discussed in the paper, it happens frequently that one of the dimension is quite small and the other quite large compared to the sample size. In this paper, we address this new asymptotic framework for the independence test. Read More

We perform a combined experimental-theoretical study of the Fe-oxychalcogenides (FeO$\emph{Ch}$) series La$_{2}$O$_{2}$Fe$_{2}$O\emph{M}$_{2}$ (\emph{M}=S, Se), which is the latest among the Fe-based materials with the potential \ to show unconventional high-T$_{c}$ superconductivity (HTSC). A combination of incoherent Hubbard features in X-ray absorption (XAS) and resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) spectra, as well as resitivity data, reveal that the parent FeO$\emph{Ch}$ are correlation-driven insulators. To uncover microscopics underlying these findings, we perform local density approximation-plus-dynamical mean field theory (LDA+DMFT) calculations that unravel a Mott-Kondo insulating state. Read More

This paper introduces a new method to estimate the spectral distribution of a population covariance matrix from high-dimensional data. The method is founded on a meaningful generalization of the seminal Marcenko-Pastur equation, originally defined in the complex plan, to the real line. Beyond its easy implementation and the established asymptotic consistency, the new estimator outperforms two existing estimators from the literature in almost all the situations tested in a simulation experiment. Read More