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Steerable properties dominate the design of traditional filters, e.g., Gabor filters, and endow features the capability of dealing with spatial transformations. Read More

We present a multi-scale approach to sketch-based shape retrieval. It is based on a novel multi-scale shape descriptor called Pyramidof- Parts, which encodes the features and spatial relationship of the semantic parts of query sketches. The same descriptor can also be used to represent 2D projected views of 3D shapes, allowing effective matching of query sketches with 3D shapes across multiple scales. Read More

Keystroke Dynamics is an important biometric solution for person authentication. Based upon keystroke dynamics, this paper designs an embedded password protection device, develops an online system, collects two public databases for promoting the research on keystroke authentication, exploits the Gabor filter bank to characterize keystroke dynamics, and provides benchmark results of three popular classification algorithms, one-class support vector machine, Gaussian classifier, and nearest neighbour classifier. Read More

Recent spectral clustering methods are a propular and powerful technique for data clustering. These methods need to solve the eigenproblem whose computational complexity is $O(n^3)$, where $n$ is the number of data samples. In this paper, a non-eigenproblem based clustering method is proposed to deal with the clustering problem. Read More