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As power systems become more and more interconnected, the inter-area oscillations has become a serious factor limiting large power transfer among different areas. Underdamped (Undamped) inter-area oscillations may cause system breakup and even lead to large-scale blackout. Traditional damping controllers include Power System Stabilizer (PSS) and Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) controller, which adds additional damping to the inter-area oscillation modes by affecting the real power in an indirect manner. Read More

Demand response represents a significant but largely untapped resource that can greatly enhance the flexibility and reliability of power systems. This paper proposes a hierarchical control framework to facilitate the integrated coordination between distributed energy resources and demand response. The proposed framework consists of coordination and device layers. Read More

This paper studies a class of dynamic Stackelberg games under open-loop information structure with constrained linear agent dynamics and quadratic utility functions. We show two important properties for this class of dynamic Stackelberg games. First, we prove that under mild conditions, the optimal control of individual agents at the solution of the Stackelberg game coincides with the solution to the team problem, where all agents cooperatively achieve the coordinator's objective. Read More

This paper focuses on multi-stage coordination for a population of thermostatically controlled loads (TCL). Each load maximizes the individual utility in response to an energy price, while the coordinator determines the price to maximize the social welfare subject to a peak energy constraint. The coordination problem is formulated as a dynamic Stackelberg game. Read More

This paper focuses on the coordination of a population of thermostatically controlled loads (TCLs) with unknown parameters to achieve group objectives. The problem involves designing the device bidding and market clearing strategies to motivate self-interested users to realize efficient energy allocation subject to a peak energy constraint. This coordination problem is formulated as a mechanism design problem, and we propose a mechanism to implement the social choice function in dominant strategy equilibrium. Read More