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One of the challenging issues in additive manufacturing (AM) oriented topology optimization is how to design structures that are self-supportive in a manufacture process without introducing additional supporting materials. In the present contribution, it is intended to resolve this problem under an explicit topology optimization framework where optimal structural topology can be found by optimizing a set of explicit geometry parameters. Two solution approaches established based on the Moving Morphable Components (MMC) and Moving Morphable Voids (MMV) frameworks, respectively, are proposed and some theoretical issues associated with AM oriented topology optimization are also analyzed. Read More

Three dimensional (3D) topology optimization problems always involve huge numbers of Degrees of Freedom (DOFs) in finite element analysis (FEA) and design variables in numerical optimization, respectively. This will inevitably lead to large computational efforts in the solution process. In the present paper, an efficient and explicit topology optimization approach which can reduce not only the number of design variables but also the number of degrees of freedom in FEA is proposed based on the Moving Morphable Voids (MMVs) solution framework. Read More

The temperature distributions in current-carrying carbon nanotubes have been measured with a scanning thermal microscope. The obtained temperature profiles reveal diffusive and dissipative electron transport in multi-walled nanotubes and in single-walled nanotubes when the voltage bias was higher than the 0.1-0. Read More

Lie superbialgebra structures on the centerless topological N=2 superconformal algebra $\TT$ are considered, all of which are proved to be coboundary triangular. Read More

We determine the isomorphism classes of the first family of infinite dimensional simple Lie algebras recently introduced by Xu. The structure space of these algebras is given explicitly. The derivations of these algebras are also determined. Read More

In a paper by Xu, some simple Lie algebras of generalized Cartan type were constructed, using the mixtures of grading operators and down-grading operators. Among them, are the simple Lie algebras of generalized Witt type, which are in general nongraded and have no torus. In this paper, some representations of these simple Lie algebras of generalized Witt type are presented. Read More