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Mathematics - Operator Algebras (6)
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Mathematics - Geometric Topology (1)
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Publications Authored By Jianchao Wu

Based on the localization algebras of Yu, and their subsequent analysis by Qiao and Roe, we give a new picture of KK-theory in terms of time-parametrized families of (locally) compact operators that asymptotically commute with appropriate representations. Read More

We introduce a notion of Rokhlin dimension for one parameter automorphism groups of C*-algebras. This generalizes Kishimoto's Rokhlin property for flows, and is analogous to the notion of Rokhlin dimension for actions of the integers and other discrete groups introduced by the authors and Zacharias in previous papers. We show that finite nuclear dimension and absorption of a strongly self-absorbing C*-algebra are preserved under forming crossed products by flows with finite Rokhlin dimension, and that these crossed products are stable. Read More

In this article we analyze the notions of amenability and paradoxical decomposition from an algebraic perspective. We consider this dichotomy for locally finite extended metric spaces and for general algebras over commutative fields. In the context of algebras we also study the relation of amenability with proper infiniteness. Read More

We show that if X is a finite dimensional locally compact Hausdorff space, then the crossed product of C_0(X) by any automorphism has finite nuclear dimension. This generalizes previous results, in which the automorphism was required to be free. As an application, we show that group C*-algebras of certain non-nilpotent groups have finite nuclear dimension. Read More

We show that the asymptotic dimension of box spaces behaves (sub)additively with respect to extensions of groups. As a result, we obtain that for an elementary amenable group, the asymptotic dimension of any of its box spaces is bounded above by its Hirsch length. This bound is shown to be an equality for a large subclass of groups including all virtually polycyclic groups. Read More

Motivated by reformulating Furstenberg's $\times p,\times q$ conjecture via representations of a crossed product $C^*$-algebra, we show that in a discrete $C^*$-dynamical system $(A,\Gamma)$, the space of (ergodic) $\Gamma$-invariant states on $A$ is homeomorphic to a subspace of (pure) state space of $A\rtimes\Gamma$. Various applications of this in topological dynamical systems and representation theory are obtained. In particular, we prove that the classification of ergodic $\Gamma$-invariant regular Borel probability measures on a compact Hausdorff space $X$ is equivalent to the classification a special type of irreducible representations of $C(X)\rtimes \Gamma$. Read More

We introduce the concept of Rokhlin dimension for actions of residually finite groups on C*-algebras, extending previous notions of Rokhlin dimension for actions of finite groups and the integers, as introduced by Hirshberg, Winter and the third author. If the group has a box space of finite asymptotic dimension, then actions with finite Rokhlin dimension preserve the property of having finite nuclear dimension, when passing to the crossed product C*-algebra. A detailed study of the asymptotic dimension of box spaces shows that finitely generated, virtually nilpotent groups have box spaces with finite asymptotic dimension, providing a reasonably large class of examples. Read More